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June 14, 2022

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Port of Livorno, green light for the financing of the project Connection

The connection between the Vespucci Interporto and the line Collesalvetti-Vada will be included in the program contract RFI 2022-2026

The Port System Authority of the Tyrrhenian Sea Settentrionale announced that the Deputy Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Teresa Bellanova, during a technical discussion in which they participated, in addition to local institutions and associations, also the heads of RFI and those of the same Ministry, announced that the rail connection between the Interporto Amerigo Vespucci and the Collesalvetti-Vada line will be included in the contract of RFI 2022-2026 program. The work requires an investment of 300 millions of euros.

The AdSP found that, together with the overpass between the port of Livorno and the Interporto already financed and in the process of construction, the line from Pisa to Vada, south of Livorno, represents a fundamental link to avoid tunnels of the cliffs of Romito, today inadequate for the passage of trains cargo, and to allow the port to connect, through the bypass of Pisa (the second excerpt of the project, still to be financed), to the Florentine railway junction and, therefore, at high speed of goods.

Emphasizing that with the next construction of the Darsena Europe the port of Livorno will find itself enlivening 1.2-1.6 millions of containers a year, the president of the AdSP, Luciano Guerrieri, highlighted that "road transport alone it cannot meet the new traffic needs. Becomes Mandatory force game to focus on intermodality and rail' and, in this sense, it is necessary to create the conditions to arrive by 2030 to push up to 25% the percentage of containers by train, with an average forecast 30% period. 'The reactivation of the freight line with the Pisa-Collesalveti-Vada - observed Guerrieri - will generate important repercussions on the operational efficiency of the entire territory, with diffusive effects up to Piombino, for which we are studying the construction of the railway link direct to the docks. Bypass funding is now missing railway on Pisa but today's result is great importance'.

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