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June 16, 2022

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Tomorrow in Venice a conference of Angopi entitled "Ports: what functions and public goods?"

Among other things, the repercussions of the growing international tensions on ports Italian

Tomorrow in Venice, at the Hilton Molino Stucky (Giudecca 810), a conference entitled "Ports: what functions" will be held and public goods? Sovereignty in times of war, a question energetic and environmental" organized by Angopi, the National Association of mooring groups and boatmen of the ports Italians, which aims to reason about the repercussions of the growing international tensions on ports Italian and on what function the public sphere, in this context, must maintain. The event, which will start at 9.00 am, will be preceded today by the ordinary general assembly of Angopi.

Among the key points of the conference, the problem of the tax system of the Italian Port System Authorities, whose role as public regulatory body has been called into question in European headquarters. 'That interpretation of the legal profile of the AdSP - highlighted the president of Angopi, Marco Bertorello, illustrating the themes of the meeting - helps to create a climate of uncertainty between institutions, public and private operators to which it would be necessary to escape. Almost all the actors involved in our ports declares itself in favor of the docks remain state-owned spaces. Moreover, there remains, however, the need to ensure the safety of navigation in the port area and of the landing, objective that only through an invasive public control can be ensured. How the competence of environmental protection that also the European standard delegation to the State'.

"What function of regulation and control - are the questions formulated by Bertorello - must remain in the head to the public authority? What competences do the AdSP, understood as a non-economic public body, and as to the Ministry of relevance in an integrated and functional system logic? In such a framework - noted the president of Angopi - also fits the theme of investments in our ports. It exists - he continued - a need for public intervention in planning and in the financing of strategic works and capital goods? Exist possibility of public/private partnership functional to a qualified and shared project? The PNRR can be a do they fly to find a public mission in Italian ports? All questions - explained Bertorello - to which the conference and its speakers will try to give answers, including of a technical nature, according to a logic of deepening the complex problems existing, also in order to provide the policy with guidelines for a any new rules'.

Tomorrow the conference will open with the greetings of Marco Gorin, president of the cooperative società Gruppo ormeggiatori del port of Venice, by Fulvio Lino di Blasio, President of the Authority of Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Settentrionale, by Piero Pellizzari, maritime director and commander of the port of Venice, and by Alessandro Santi, president of Federagenti. To introduce the the president of Angopi, Marco Bertorello, works, while a coordinate them will be the professor emeritus of the university of Genoa, Sergio Maria Carbone.

The reports of Admiral Nunzio Martello, deputy General Commander of the Corps of harbour masters, rodolfo Giampieri, president of Assoporti, fabrizio Marrella, ordinary of International Law at Ca' Foscari University, of Marcello Di Caterina, vice president of ALIS (Association logistics of sustainable intermodality), by Luigi Merlo, vice president of Conftrasporto/Confecommercio, by Chiara Tuo, Full Professor of European Union Law at the University of Genoa, Salvatore Pellecchia, Secretary General of Fit-Cisl, and Francesco Munari, Professor of European Union Law at the University of Genoa.

Among the political exponents present at the event, the president of the IX Transport Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Raffaella Paita (Italia Viva), and parliamentarians Paolo Ficara (M5S), Edoardo Rixi (Lega), Davide Gariglio (PD). The Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Mobility Sustainable, Teresa Bellanova.

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