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June 17, 2022

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Angopi, the port docks must remain state-owned spaces

Bertorello: the invisible hand of the market must be flanked by the visible hand of the State

On the occasion of its assembly today in Venice on the theme "Ports: what functions and public goods?", Angopi, the association of mooring groups and boatmen of Italian ports, highlighted the absolute need for port docks continue to be state-owned spaces: «to the "hand" invisible" of the market, to quote Adam Smith - has underlined the president Marco Bertorello - must be flanked, as strategic project, the "visible hand of the State"». A public role of the ports - specified the association - which it was not questioned during the assembly, but on the contrary, it is accepted in a generalized manner by all the interventions and by all the points of view that have followed one another during the discussion. In particular - underlined Angopi - the third party compared to users has been recognized as a feature peculiar to nautical technical services. But it also emerged - it has specified the association - the need to make more efficient publicity, also through processes of planning and financing, these instruments considered by all essential, as long as the planning takes place at the level central.

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