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June 22, 2022

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ANAVE calls for growth in the Spanish merchant fleet in consideration of the strategic nature of the sector

Spain - underlined Vincente Boluda - needs a national policy on merchant marine

"Spain needs a national policy for merchant marine, as it happens in the most developed recognising that the maritime sector is a strategic asset that allows you to safeguard independence geopolitics, to ensure territorial continuity and support industrial enterprises and that is essential for the economic growth'. This was said by Vincente Boluda, president of the Asociación Navieros Españoles (ANAVE), in occasion of the general assembly of the association held yesterday in Madrid.

The demand for a sector-specific policy is was advanced by the President of the Shipowners' Association Spanish in view of the relevant challenges that the category must face. Boluda said that if the shipowners have a lot welcomed the proposal to create a Maritime Advisory Committee at the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy, trusting 'contributing to the coordination of maritime policy Spanish between the different ministries", the president of ANAVE has recalled that, "in reality, our proposal would be the creation of a Ministry of the Sea with powers over all maritime activities, or at least of a State Secretariat of the Maritime Transport, which manages and unifies all issues related to our sector'.

Reaffirming the strategic role of shipping, Boluda has highlighted that 'maritime transport may also play a crucial role in the struggle for independence Energy. Our sector - he underlined - is not only a business, but it is a strategic partner for every country and for every government. The United Kingdom, Denmark or the United States have recently analysed the role of maritime transport in achievement of their short- and medium-term priorities, and all have taken note of the need to define or update their maritime strategies to adapt them to their national projects'.

"Spain - he continued Boluda - should also develop a series of structural reforms that promote the growth of a strong national maritime sector and competitive, through a robust and efficient regulatory framework, essential requirement to have a more merchant fleet large subsidiary from Spain in relation to our trade with abroad, the revenue of which makes it possible to make a contribution positive to our balance of sea freight. We must ask ourselves as a challenge to the progressive increase in the coverage share of the Spanish maritime trade, which in the early 80s reached 70% and is currently below 20%, which which has resulted in a very significant increase, even if not well understood, of the freight deficit, which must be reoriented'.

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