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June 23, 2022

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The recovery of international trade in services is Continuing

The rise in the air passenger transport index is the highest among those that make up the specific WSC composite indicator

Despite the war in Ukraine, the resumption of trade International services is continuing. This was announced today by the World Trade Organization (WTO) presenting the latest reading, for the second quarter of this year, of its Services Trade Barometer, the barometer of trade in services, which is a composite indicator calculated as a weighted average of six indices representative components of world trade in services relating to purchasing managers, service transactions financial, production and employment in the services segment telecommunications, air passenger transport, traffic containerized in ports and construction activities. The reading communicated today is 105.5, clearly higher than the previous reading of 102.5 last September.

As for the component indices relating to the transport, the latest reading of the air transport index of passengers is 117.1, an indicator that recorded the rise more consistent among the six examined. The WSC has announced whereas the container shipping index of 101,5, remains slightly above trend.

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