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June 23, 2022

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Satisfaction of the Greek Shipowners' Association for the allocation of EU ETS costs to traders of ships

Travlos: the European Parliament shows its determination to promote solutions that take into account the proposals of the shipping industry as a strategic partner of the EU

The green light given yesterday by the European Parliament to the revision of the EU ETS for emissions trading in the EU widening the internal fracture of the shipowning industry already highlighted in the different phases of discussion and definition of the text, as initially presented by the Commission European and then subsequently amended, among those shipowners who are ship owners and those operating fleets formed by ships of which do not own or own only a part of it ( of 22 June 2022). The text adopted yesterday allocates the costs of compliance with the EU ETS to the operating entity commercially the ship and that therefore, according to the approved text, is ultimately responsible for decisions affecting greenhouse gas emissions from the ship.

To complain precisely about the fact that the text attributes these costs only to commercial operators of ships has been today the World Shipping Council, the international association that represents shipping companies that perform services of line, companies on which evidently would fall such charges being mostly commercial operators of ships of their fleets, whether or not they own them.

If the European shipowners' association ECSA has instead accepted with satisfaction the european Parliament's vote in favour, precisely because the approved text requires the transfer mandatory EU ETS costs to traders of ships, equally positive was the comment of the Greek Shipowners' Association: 'with its resolution - commented the president of the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), Melina Travlos - the European Parliament sends a strong message and demonstrates its determination to promote solutions that take into account the proposals of the shipping as a strategic partner of the EU'. Appreciation of the UGS is specifically aimed at the fact that operators commercial ships must be held responsible for own operational choices. In addition, the Greek association has expressed satisfaction also with the recognition by the EU Parliament the need to create an Ocean Fund to finance the decarbonisation of maritime transport.

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