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June 23, 2022

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Tasters, well the exemption from the EU ETS of the routes seafarers carried out under a service contract public

Messina: perplexity for the provision of clauses mandatory contracts on the transfer of costs from the owner to the operator of the vessel

Commenting on yesterday's favourable vote in favour of the revision of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme ( of 22 June 2022), the Italian shipowning association Assarmatori has expressed satisfaction that MEPs have decided to exempt sea routes from the EU ETS under a public service contract or subject to public service obligations under Regulation (EEC) No Regulation (EEC) No 3577/92 on maritime cabotage. Assarmatori also highlighted whereas the report adopted by Parliament also recognises explicitly the existence of "adverse impacts" on services that guarantee territorial continuity deriving from from the ETS, negative impact - recalled the association - for some time taken over by Assarmatori.

According to Assarmatori, however, yesterday's is a step important, but not sufficient, as a warning of the association 'the exemption introduced by Parliament European will have to be extended in the course of the following negotiations to all island trades and to ships operating within the Motorways of the Sea in order to prevent the risk of reverse modal shift from the sea to the road'.

"Now - said the president of Assarmatori, Stefano Messina - we expect the governments of the member countries accept this request in the negotiating position that will come defined by the Member States with a view to the Council of Ministers of the environment scheduled for 28 June and in subsequent negotiations interinstitutional with Parliament. It is in fact a essential measure to protect mobility and tourism local, and therefore territorial continuity, and preserve intermodality from the increase in costs arising from the ETS on the maritime transport'.

Assarmatori also expressed appreciation for the proposal of the European Parliament to allocate 75% of the proceeds deriving from from the ETS to the maritime transport sector to finance projects and investments to improve the energy efficiency of ships and ports, the adoption of technologies and infrastructures for the decarbonisation of the sector, including with regard to the short sea shipping and ports, seeking and development and adoption of alternative and sustainable fuels.

"However, we have strong doubts - he specified messina - on other changes approved in the position of the European Parliament, in particular as regards the timing of application of the ETS and the provision of clauses mandatory contracts on the transfer of costs from the owner to the operator of the vessel. We hope for these proposals are appropriately recalibrated in the course of the negotiations according to more realistic criteria and evaluating pragmatic solutions'.

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