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June 27, 2022

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Thamm (Costa) and Vago (MSC) reassure VTP employees on the intention to support the relaunch of cruises in Venice

Expressed the hope that Marghera can soon become a valid and viable solution also in the long term for the landings of white ships

Today the CEO of the Costa group and Carnival Asia, Michael Thamm, and the Executive Chairman of the Cruises Division of the MSC group, Pierfrancesco Vago, met the employees of Venice Passenger Terminal (VTP) with the purpose of confirming, together with Fabrizio Spagna, president of VTP, the commitment of the two cruise lines, as main customers of the terminal structure, regarding the future of the airport Venetian and reiterate the determination to support and relaunch Venice as an important "home port" of cruises, port from which the ships of the two companies departed after the Covid break and in which - assured the representatives of the two companies - continue to operate, despite the difficulties, with positive repercussions on cruise traffic of the entire Adriatic.

Noting that the government's decision to close access of the great cruise ships at the Maritime Station of Venice managed by VTP, ban imposed in mid-2021 without having first prepared an alternative solution ( deel 13 July 2021), forced cruise lines, the employees of the terminal and the entire cruise industry in Venice to organizational and economic sacrifices of considerable proportions, Thamm and Vago have however expressed appreciation for both the efforts by the authorities to find a solution of long term to the problem of cruises in Venice that for the commitment profuse by the president of the Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, to equip in the shortest possible time for this traffic some docks in the commercial port of Marghera.

Expressing the hope that Marghera, where recently is the quay was inaugurated to receive cruise ships that cannot reach the Maritime Station of Venice ( of 6 April 2022), may soon become a valid solution and practicable even in the long run, Thamm and Vado have specified the two companies will continue to urge the government about a greater attention on the need to equip the port with Venice of further and adequate docks in Marghera. Only in this so, according to the two companies, the stable return of more ships and passengers, with the objective of ensuring long-term planning on Venice, with very positive repercussions on cruise traffic of the entire Adriatic as Venice plays a central role as a reference hub for the whole area that today, precisely because of a reduced capacity of the lagoon port and its crucial "home port" function, experiences a slowdown compared for example to the robust restart that took place in the Western Mediterranean.

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