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June 28, 2022

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Nomisma establishes its own division on maritime activities

It is led by an address committee

The Italian consultancy and market research firm Nomisma has set up Nomisma Mare, a division responsible for analysing and studying all aspects of economic, production, commercial, tourism, energy, as well as research directly interconnected with the sea. The new branch, which sets itself as immediate goals to activate an international network of analytical and research centres, but also to establish a dialogue with all the entrepreneurial associations in the sea sector, is led by a committee of address composed by Piero Gnudi, President of Nomisma Spa, by Luca Dondi, CEO of Nomisma, by Gianluca Galletti (who will preside over the committee) and by the riders of the work Giuseppe Bono and Massimo Ponzellini. Secretary is Marco Marcatili. Global coordinator of Nomisma Mare is Bruno Dardani.

Nomisma Mare will propose itself as a preferred partner to analyse, especially in the international key and thus through a network of partnerships, the issues, the issues and the opportunities of a sector that has been chronically in Italy to date. underrated.

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