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June 28, 2022

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Port of Livorno, agreement on the renewal of the integrative contract of Seatrag workers

Averting the strike hypothesis

The Port of the Port Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea has made it known to have reached agreement on the renewal of the company's integrative contract Seatrag Autostrade del Mare, which specialises in the landing service and embark on ro-pax ships and ro-ro in the port of Livorno. The deal seeks to strike and block overtime after contrasts that have emerged in recent months over the failure to renew the supplementary contract and after the state of agitation, suspended last week on demand. of the AdSP to leave room for negotiations.

With the agreement, the workers of the port enterprise see themselves as recognizing some significant flexibilities allowances. In addition, some guarantee mechanisms are introduced on how to conduct shifts : rotating, polyvalent workers (who carry out more activity in addition to that of the rallist) the possibility of not working at night is recognised for one week per month while all others are recognized, periodically, the right to learn with congruent notice which shifts they will perform during the week. Meal vouchings, previously unrecognized by the company, are part of the package.

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