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July 14, 2022

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German port companies ask the union to resort to arbitration to unblock the renewal of the contract of the port workers

Today a strike of 24 begins on the docks of Germany Hours

Today in German ports begins a 48-hour strike that follows that of 24 hours implemented about three weeks ago, new action of protest that was decided by the union ver.di (Vereinten Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft) after last July 5 negotiations for the renewal of the workers' contract interrupted Port. The stop is given by the fact that the organization trade unions do not consider that the proposal for wage increases put forward employers sufficiently satisfy the request for ver.di compensation for the effects of inflation and, in particular, that this happens for the entire duration of the contract. Although ver.di judged that the increase "permanent" of +8% of the value of wages proposed by employers is a step in the right direction, but the union considers that the increase planned for the second year of the agreement (2023), without the possibility of renegotiation, is limited and may be insufficient.

Zentralverband der deutschen Seehafenbetriebe (ZDS), the association representing port undertakings in the negotiations, considers instead that the proposed global increase of +12.5% is more who generous: "consumers and companies - noted the ZDS negotiator, Ulrike Riedel - they are already seriously affected by global supply chain disruptions and ver.di calls for a 48-hour strike despite an offer from the +12,5%. This - Riedel denounced - is irresponsible. While wage agreements are currently underway in sectors comparable to sometimes much lower conditions - specified the representative of the association - ver.di insists on the maxim request. This damages not only the reputation and the international competitiveness of our ports and Germany as a trading partner, but also threatens the existence of many companies and will increase the pressure on jobs." Noting that the negotiations have, with all evidence, come to a deadlock, Riedel urged ver.di, in consideration the enormous importance of ports for the supply of consumers and the economy, "to finally accept arbitration, so that a solution can be found.'

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