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July 22, 2022

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In the second quarter the traffic in the port of Rotterdam is up by +3.0%

Sharp decline in container cargo (-12.3%)

In the second quarter of this year the traffic of goods in the Port of Rotterdam recorded an increase of +3.0%, with a consistent decrease of -12.3% of containerized traffic, also at follow-up to the cessation of flows to and from Russia for sanctions adopted by the EU and the continued congestion of the containerized supply chain, which was more than offset by the marked growth of other miscellaneous goods and Bulk. In addition, the increase of +3.0% was generated from the increase of +5.5% of loads to disembarkation, while those at boarding they decreased by -2.7%. The total enlivened in the second quarter of 2022 was 119.9 million tonnes, compared to 116.4 million in the same period of 2021, of which 85.4 million tons on landing and 34.5 million tons tons at boarding.

Globally in the period April-June 2022 the volumes containerized handled by the Dutch port of call are piled to 35,4 million tons, with a decrease of -12.3% that it is less accentuated if these volumes are counted by taking as a unit of measurement the 20-foot containers that are results pairs to 3,6 million teu, with a contraction of -6,9% mitigated by the increase in empty containers. In the field of various goods were also handled 7.0 million tons of rolling stock (+13.5%) and 2.1 million tons of other cargoes (+21,2%).

In the liquid bulk segment the overall figure is state of 53.9 million tons (+10.5%), including 27.1 million of tons of crude oil (+9.0%), 14.3 million tons of refined petroleum products (+4.2%), 2.7 million tons of liquefied natural gas (+23.6%) and 9.8 million tons of other liquid loads (+22.8%).

Solid bulk totalled 21.4 million tonnes (+11.0%), of which 8.7 million tons of coal (+56.0%), 6.3 million tons of minerals and scrap (-21.5%), 1.9 million tons of agricultural bulk (-15.5%) and 4.5 million tons of other bulk (+31.6%).

In the first half of 2022 the Dutch port handled total 233.5 million tons of goods, with a slight progression of +0.8% on the first half of last year, of to which 165.5 million tons of cargoes at disembarkation (+3.4%) and 68.0 million tons at boarding (-5.1%). The total of the container traffic was 71.0 million tons (-8.9%) with a handling of containers equal to almost 7.3 million teu (-4.4%). Rolling stock amounted to 13.8 million tons (+16.8%) and other miscellaneous goods to 3.9 million tons (+17.7%). In the liquid bulk sector, enlivened 105,5 million tons (+4.6%), with 52,6 million of tons of crude oil (+4.3%), 27.8 million tons of refined petroleum products (-9.4%), 5.4 million tons of liquefied natural gas (+45.8%) and 19.7 million tons of other liquid bulk (+22.5%). Dry bulk was 39.4 million tons (+4.4%), of which 14.6 million tons of coal (+29.7%), 11.9 million tons of minerals and scrap (-20.6%), 3.8 million tonnes of agricultural bulk (-15.1%) and 9.0 million tons of other cargoes (+30.1%).

The Port Authority of Rotterdam has highlighted the effects on the flows enlivened by the port caused by the war in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions against Russia, with - example - imports of both liquefied natural gas (+100.9% in the first quarter and +28.5% in the second) and coal (+7.5% in the second) first quarter and +56.6% in the second) which increased significantly as an alternative to reducing imports European Russian gas via pipeline.

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