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July 29, 2022

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AdSP of the Southern Tirreno and Ionian, approved variation and budget assay 2022

Ok also to the variation of POT 2022-2024

Today the Management Committee of the Port System Authority of the South Tyrrhenan and Ionian seas has unanimously approved the change and the 2022 budget assaults of the institution and the related variation to the Triennale 2022-2024 Operating Plan. Among the budget changes deemed indispensable and strategic for the further growth of the Port Gioia Tauro port airport and the diversification of its services, the expenditure coverage of 50 million euros was planned for the work of deepening and consolidating the port channel along the levant quay in the A-B-C traits. At the same time, structural adjustment work will be carried out for the increase in the portance of the quay pavement in the C tract, with a planned expenditure of 500mila euros. It was also defined as the appropriation of 500mila euros for the work of overelevation and renovation of the Port Authority building of Gioia Tauro system.

Other expenses were included for interventions in the other ports of Crotone, Corigliano Calabro, Vibo Marina and Palmi administered by the AdSP, including an increase in spending of 18 million euros, deliberated for interventions in the port of Vibo Marina aimed at financing the remediation and consolidation of the Pola and Tripoli (6.5 million euros) benches and the Papandrea and Buccarelli (11.5 million euros) quays.

Overall, the settling and the change included in the 2022 budget resulted in an increase in revenues of around 128 million euros, while the exits stood at around 154 million euros with a deficit of 25 million euros, it said. found to be covered by the use of an administration surplus of EUR 133 million.

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