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August 3, 2022

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Presented the new waterfront of Trapani, a project that includes the construction of a new port terminal for passengers

On August 11, the deadline for participation in the call for tenders will expire tender for dredging interventions in port worth more than €60.5 million

Today in Trapani the mayor, Giacomo Tranchida, and the president of the Port System Authority of the Sea of Sicily Western, Pasqualino Monti, presented the project of the new waterfront of the Sicilian city together with the representatives of the temporary group of designers that has taken place awarded the "International Competition of Ideas for the redevelopment of the historic waterfront of the port of Trapani. New Passenger Terminal, urban dock promenade and Parco del waterfront (Colombaia- Lazzaretto)", launched in November 2020. The project is the result of the choral work of the temporary grouping of designers consisting of Technital Spa, Valle 3.0 Srl, Peluffo & partners Srl, arch. Marco Antonini, with the collaboration of the Trapani architect Vito Corte and the professor architect Carmen Andriani.

The area covered by the intervention has been divided into four design areas, namely the new passenger terminal, the market and pleasure boating, the fishing dock and square urban and the waterfront park. The first area is intended to welcome the new passenger port of call of the port of Trapani, the building of the new terminal and the arrangement of Viale Regina Elena-Walk to the Marina. Expansion is planned here the "T" pier capable of accommodating the new terminal, parking and service areas, with the definition of a new access roads.

Meanwhile, among other interventions planned for the port of Trapani, next August 11 will expire the deadline to participate to the call for tenders for "Dredging works of the outpost and the areas to the west of the protruding Ronciglio". The work of over 60.5 million euros is included in the program of infrastructural interventions complementary to the Plan National Recovery and Resilience, admitted to state funding. The construction site should last about 720 days from delivery and provides for an acceleration premium in the event of completion in advance. The contract provides for the execution of the excavation of the seabed of the port, limited to the area indicated in the project, up to the quota - 11.00 meters in the outpost for the evolution and approach of the large boats at the port docks, and up to -10.00 meters near the docks. They are included in the amount of you also work on sediment treatment costs. The project executive of the works has obtained the authorization to enter sea of part of the materials coming from dredging.

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