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September 2, 2022

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The FVG Region files an appeal with the Court of Trieste urgent on the closure of the Wärtsilä plant

Fedriga: we will do everything possible to avoid the transfer abroad of the production sector

The regional council of Friuli Venezia Giulia has announced that in these hours the institution will deposit at the Court of Trieste a urgent action to challenge Wartsila Italia's communication Spa on the closure of the San Dorligo production plant of the Valley ( of 15 July 2022), closure - specified the junta - which sees the regional administration directly involved as a result of the provisions of the recent law 234/2021 which requires companies to communicate directly to the regions concerned the start of the cessation of activity.

Governor Massimiliano Fedriga pointed out that the Region will do everything in its power to avoid the transfer abroad of the production sector of the Wartsila, also on the legal level. A battle for protection the jobs of the employees of the San Dorligo plant, and of the induced - he remarked - which is not limited to Friuli Venezia Giulia, but it concerns the industrial policy of the whole Country.

Fedriga underlined that the action promoted by the Region it is an absolute novelty not only because it this is one of the first applications of the new procedure, but also and above all since it is the first time that a Region intervenes directly in the courts and this by virtue of the position of "party" that the procedure provided for by Law 234/2021 assigns them in order to defend its political line aimed at countering the production relocation.

The governor concluded by specifying that the situation is certainly complex and therefore the maximum is necessary collaboration with all the institutional subjects involved, to starting from the Ministry of Economic Development, with which it is expected a confrontation next week, and the government.

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