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06 February 2023 - Year XXVII
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The port of Trieste grows in the first ten months of 2022 but is furnished in the last quarter
In the period of July-October handling 18,325,525 tons of cargo (-7.7%)
November 24, 2022
In the first ten months of this year the port of Trieste has handled 47,479,335 of tons of goods, with a 4.3% growth over the same period in 2021 that originated in the first half of 2022 when volumes had increased by 13.2%, whereas-based on the traffic data processed by the Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea-it turns out that in the only period July to October this year, with cumulative 18,325,525 tonnes handled, was recorded a -7.7% percent decline on the corresponding period of 2021.

A decline, that of the last quarter, generated by a noticeable decrease in bulk volumes partially offset by the increase of 9.8% of miscellaneous goods. In the July-October period of 2022, in fact, the liquid bulk bulk, which constitute the main merceological entry handled by the Julian port, amounted to 11,846,806 tonnes, with a contraction of -14.5% over the same period last year. year. In reduction also the dry bulk with 141,548 tonnes (-36.9%). In the field of miscellaneous goods, container traffic measured in 20-foot containers stood at 303,592 teu, with a rise of 14.5% percent, and increasing, albeit limited, also resulted in the traffic of the rotables with 104,457 units transitioned (+ 1.2%).

Commenting on traffic data relating to the first ten months of 2022, the president of the AdSP of the Eastern Adriatic, Zeno D' Agostino, claimed that "the numbers speak clear." "The port is fundamental driver of growth and, not less, a formidable detector of global economic macro trends," D' Agostino said in the coming months, "D' Agostino added," what phenomena we will warn, if in short the recession. " actually will come. "

Signs that, not stopping to assess the traffic trend in the port of Trieste in the first ten months of 2022 but focusing attention on the most recent trend of activity, may already be present. Moreover, it is a negative development that has already been found in other Italian ports in recent months. In this regard, our newspaper, comparing itself with some Port System Authority executives, lamented the increasingly frequent tendency of port bodies to dilute the effects of a reduction in the volume of the traffic in certain periods, almost that the Port System Authorities were from companies for shares listed in a financial market worried about not communicating to investors information and data that could elicit the impulsive reactions of the market. The Port System Authority, as bodies of public law, has been established to meet general interest purposes, including perhaps even those of investors in companies whose port traffic has a significant impact, but beyond these a much larger category of stakeholders much more interested in getting to know the progress of port traffic at the moment, especially developments in the most recent activity. Of course, in the partial discord of this untimely trend in the communication of information by the managers of the port bodies, it must be remembered that today as today the selection of the heads of a Port System Authority, in the primis of the president, it looks much more like the appointment of a manager of a company than that of a public executive. The President of an AdSP, in Italy, is appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of Understanding with the President or the Chairpersons of the Regions concerned and, above all, he is the Minister who at the uopo proceeds to acquire expressions of interest from those intending to run for the role of Chairman of a Port System Authority. He is the minister who chooses, at almost total discretion, "who yes and who does not", as is the case in a private company and as is also the case in the state administrations of several nations, which however do not seem to keep up with others. in terms of fairness and transparency.

So the AdSP of the Eastern Adriatic, suffering on the totality of the traffic data of the first ten months of 2022, just as a few days ago it had similarly made the AdSP of the Northern Adriatic referring to the data of the first nine months of this year of the port of Venice ( of the November 17 2022), detects "records and recovery ferments after the pandemic-generated stase" by qualifying "stable bulk liquids with 30,886,124 tonnes (+ 0.56%)" and underscoring the " strong growth sprint for solid bulk bulk, with 567,013 eventful tonnes (+ 22.85%) '.

The AdSP of the Eastern Adriatic also disclosed the data of the handling handled in the first ten months of 2022 from the port of Monfalcone, which stood at 2,994,441 tonnes (+ 5.7%), of which 2,402,320 tonnes of solid bulk (+ 12.4%) and 592,121 tons of miscellaneous goods (-14.9%).

Bruno Bellio
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T&E, London loses nearly two billion pounds a year not including 90% percent of shipping in UK ETS
Currently, the government plans to submit to the ETS the only ships of more than 5,000 tsl making international travel.
In 2022 the DP World port terminals handled a record traffic of 79 million containers (+ 1.4%)
In the fourth quarter, there was a decline of -0.4% percent.
Eight expressions of interest in the privatization of the Greek port of Volos
Eight expressions of interest in the privatization of the Greek port of Volos
On sale 67% of the capital of the Portugale Authority
It would conclude the deal with which MSC would enter the capital of Boluda Towage
The deal would have a value of 1.5 billion euros.
Launched at the construction site of Ancona della Fincantieri the luxury cruise ship Seven Seas Grandeur
It will be delivered next November
In January record of the value of the transit rights of ships in the Suez Canal
In January record of the value of the transit rights of ships in the Suez Canal
The Egyptian waterway has been crossed by 2,155 ships (+ 21.5%)
Awarded the tender for the realization of the new passenger terminal of the port of Bari
Will be completed in less than two years
In the fourth quarter of 2022 the traffic in goods in the port of Bremen decreased by -12.7%
In the whole year, the decline was -8.2%
The call for tenders for the electrification of the docks of the ports of Messina, Reggio Calabria and Milazzo
The amount of the work is 23.2 million euros
In the port of Civitavecchia, an illicit trafficking of direct waste in Africa has been stopped
Seized three batches of merchandise for an overall weight of 32 tons
Gruber Logistics opens two offices in Turkey
Gruber Logistics opens two offices in Turkey
The aim is to increase traffic to and from Europe through the port of Trieste
Last year, freight traffic in Spanish ports grew by 3.5% percent.
Last year, freight traffic in Spanish ports è grew by 3.5% percent
Reduction of containerized transit traffic. In the fourth quarter, there was a decline of -1.1% percent.
DP World has been awarded the race to make a container terminal in the port of Deendayal (Kandla)
Joint venture Drydocks World-Aker Solutions to modernize FPSO units
Marfret boosts frequency of direct line service Italy-Egypt
Enter a second ship
Cargotec and Konecranes record new annual and quarterly revenue records
Helsinki / Hyvinkää
In 2022 the value of new orders acquired by the two groups increased by 9.8% and 23.7% respectively
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
In 2022 the value of new orders acquired by ABB grew by 6.7%
Results of trading activity recorded a trimming quarter after quarter
Last year, naval traffic in the Bosphorus Strait decreased by -8.8%
Last year ship traffic in the Strait of Bosphorus è decreased by -8.8%
In the last quarter of 2022, the reduction was -5.1%
MSC will include the Port of Livorno in the West Med-Middle East / India service
The link has weekly frequency
UPS records a decline in turnover after 40 consecutive quarters of growth
UPS records a decline in turnover after 40 consecutive quarters of growth
In 2022, revenue surpassed 100 billion for the first time.
In 2022 the revenues of the Wärtsilä Group increased by 22%
The value of new commits has grown by 6%
In 2023, more than 400mila crucierists were expected in Sardinians compared to 221mila last year.
To date, 191 airports are planned at the ports of Cagliari, Olbia, Porto Torres, Gulf Aranci, Oristano and Arbatax.
New appeal of Grimaldi Euromed against the ok to the Moby's pre-emptive plan
It was approved by the General Court in Milan last November 24
Artificial intelligence and autonomous navigation
They are the fields of activity in which the Japanese NYK and Ghelia will cooperate
The Romanian port of Constance has handled a record annual traffic
The Romanian port of Constance has handled a record annual traffic
The containers were equal to 772,046 teu (+ 22.2%)
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In Livorno a three days of Assoports to deepen the aspects of urban transformation in the port city
You will meet two technical groups ...
On Thursday in Milan a conference of Fedespedi on "The logistics digitalization and the PNRR"
Since 2020 the Federation has made its contribution to the construction of the Plan
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3rd oil tanker body found, 5 workers still missing
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TAS Offshore in talks to build 27 tugboats
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and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Daniele Rossi
Napoli, 30 settembre 2020
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