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09 December 2023 - Year XXVII
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The port of Livorno loses a fish that the port of La Spezia is convinced has taken the bait to its hook
The Labronico port emphasizes that its potential remains intact despite the renunciation of MSC, shipowning cetacean that in Liguria are convinced of having definitively pulled ashore
Livorno/La Spezia
August 9, 2023
The world is full of fish, it seems to justify itself the Port Authority of Livorno. What you wanted to take we pulled it up to the hook, it seems they answer from La Spezia. The "Pinnuto" in question is none other than the group Swiss shipowner Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a Water organism nice nice big.

For those who are not aware of the outcome of the joke of Let us briefly summarize the facts. Earlier this year the cetacean MSC has come alive in the waters of the port of call where he intended to feed on Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT), the terminalista company of the Genoese Gruppo Investimenti Portuali (GIP) which manages the main container terminal of the port of Livorno ( of 9 January 2023). A few meters from the shore, a few days ago the Pescione gave up his snack, perhaps disturbed by the scrupulous supervision of the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and Market ( of 1 August 2023). A bite that the System Authority Port of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, which manages the port of Livorno, would have gladly given to MSC, considering TDT the bait useful to attract giant fish and their trades. From here the disappointment of the president of the AdSP labronica, Luciano Guerrieri, now convinced that the line would be stretched ( of 1 August 2023).

In La Spezia they are certain that Balaenoptera Helvetica has made arch their fishing rod and they are even more certain to Pull the huge water to land. Today, in fact, in the port of the Ligurian city has arrived the MSC Nicola Mastro, a new MSC container ship which, being able to Carrying over 24,000 TEU, is the largest ship of This type never landed at the La Spezia airport, as well as the will be for the port of Genoa where it is expected between Friday and Saturday. A "monster" of this kind just does not They had never seen, if not - gnawing - in the photographs of competing fishermen, and in Liguria are convinced that, now found The right bait, from now on it will be easier to fish these giants.

Left empty-handed, Guerrieri is convinced that the Leghorn waters can still be the natural habitat of these marine mammals, and in particular MSC which - with a fleet of 775 ships - it is of these organisms the largest of the planet. Speaking this morning to the representatives of the Body of Sea Resource Partnership, structure with advisory functions which was convened for the occasion at the urging of the trade unions, the president of the Port System Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea stressed that the decision of MSC to withdraw the offer to acquire Terminal Darsena Tuscany "does not change the strategies and balances of trade of the port of Livorno'. 'Whatever the motivations. which led MSC to withdraw the offer, and while hoping for a possible resumption of negotiations - said Guerrieri - the Livorno port of call keeps its potential intact».

What is the fisherman who, if the fish holder is vacuum, it is not certain that this is not at all the fault of the His technique and strategy? "We're not going to change our approach - said Guerrieri (and it seems to see it in boots) - and we will continue to work to govern at the port problems are better».

A trust due, indeed dutiful, must be highlighted, given that the president of the Leghorn AdSP is aware that if the bait of the TDT terminal was not enough to capture such a cetacean, the bait Darsena Europa, the new large terminal Multipurpose designed by the port authority, will have to necessarily enticing animals of the same size. Referring to the Partnership Body of the progress of the project, Guerrieri explained that last June 24 the institution delivered to the Commission of the Ministry of the Environment the report of the AdSP «with the answers to the numerous requests for integration made to us come from the territorial subjects concerned, 293 in all'. with the hope of having a response from the EIA Commission within September. In the meantime - it has specified - the harbour authority is continuing to carry on with war reclamation interventions of the areas affected by the construction of the maxi infrastructure, and has recently contracted the works of consolidation of one of the two filling tanks worth 25 million euros.

Listing other works in progress to increase the competitiveness of the port of Livorno, Guerrieri said that "these initiatives do not exhaust the framework of the works which we are working on, but I think they give back to citizenship and to the press a reassuring image of the port, whose expectations of competitive development somehow disregard the dynamics commercial companies relating to the interests of large companies navigation'.

Dynamics in which, with reference to the MSC, Livorno would have Certainly wanted to fit in. But, it seems to us that there may be the summary of the Guerrieri's speech, the bait is and will be even more good and the sea is full of fish. Lost one we will catch another.

Who is convinced that he has caught one, and that that has given up taking the bait Livorno, is the port of La Spezia where MSC ships already dock, but never so Large. Or rather, to be convinced is the new president of the Association of Freight Forwarders of the Port of La Spezia, «today to La Spezia, first Italian gateway port - he emphasized Alessandro Laghezza - has arrived, after the technical stopover in Gioia Tauro, the MSC Nicola Mastro, the largest ship never landed in Italian ports, a container ship that has a Full load tonnage capacity of over 24,000 teus. Yes it is an important signal for the port of La Spezia and for the LSCT terminal because it confirms its attractiveness of our airport and a strong will of the MSC group of confirm Spezia as a port of reference for its traffic».

Understandable the euphoria of Laghezza, incredulous of the bulk of the marine being brought ashore, which enhances the "stopover" gateway" break, excitement that however does not justify the downgrading to "technical stopover" of the landing in Gioia Taurus.

More contained, but equally alive the enthusiasm of Matthieu Gasselin, CEO of Contship Group Italy which manages the La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT) where it is arrived at dawn this morning the MSC Nicola Mastro, which being More directly involved by the arrival of the Grande Full Container has clearly benefited from this: "Our Customers - he commented - are evolving and our commitment is Support this change and their growth with infrastructure and value-added solutions. To stay competitive, it is It is essential to anticipate market demands and the fact that Nicola Mastro has chosen the gateway of La Spezia Container Terminal confirms our readiness for the future. Thank you MSC for the trust towards the Sistema Spezia and all colleagues for the excellent teamwork in this record-breaking circumstance».

For his part, Laghezza specified the reason for his state of exaltation, due - as well as by the arrival of the MSC container rack - also from today's approach to the same LSCT terminal of the first ship of the CMA's new MedGulf service CGM and COSCO ( of 26 July 2023), line - he remarked - that relaunches the connection with the United States which for the port of La Spezia is It has always been a reference market for exports. To this - The president of the La Spezia freight forwarders has specified again - yes It also adds the trade agreement on tariffs for container movements and subscribed traffic volumes between LSCT and the MSC group, "completed - Laghezza clarified - the shared desire to start expansion work of the terminal and equip it for new challenges. A theme that has been for some time It was expected but that finally becomes a concrete signal».

The president of the forwarders of La Spezia specified that today's result is "the result of a work system and vision between companies, terminals, operators with the fundamental role played by the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea and in any case a first result of perspective for the growth of traffic in our port". "But - Laghezza is absolutely certain - we are alone at the beginning."

Certainly the "fisherman Spezia" has prepared for the better, and it is continuing to do so, so as not to return home with hands Empty. But even the "fisherman Livorno" leaves nothing to the case, preparing equipment and strategies because The biggest fish in circulation bites on the hook.

It is not to disillusion fishermen, who are good for make sure you have the papers in order, starting with the license of Fishing, but today it is the fish that dictates the conditions.

Bruno Bellio
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In the third record quarter of the traffic of the cruises in the port of Civitavecchia.  Decline in goods
In the third record quarter of the traffic of the cruises in the port of Civitavecchia. Decline in goods
In the first nine months of 2023, the loads amounted to 7.1 million tonnes (-7.9%)
IMO resolution to stop the activity of shadow fleets used to circumvent sanctions
Exhortation to the approx states to scrupulously inspect ships carrying out ship-to-ship operations
The EU Commission has updated the European list of ship recycling facilities
Includes 45 yards, of which 26 are in the European Union
A ONE container of the ONE in failure in the Suez Canal
Naval traffic has not been interrupted
Hoekstra confirms the strategy to mitigate the impact of the ETS on EU ports, but specifies that monitoring will happen on an ongoing basis
MSC in talks to acquire French logistics company Clasquin
After obtaining 42% percent of the capital, an offer will be made for the remaining share
MCL Feeder Services will go under the ownership of Unifeeder
Both companies operate feeder services in the Mediterranean
Seaspan Corporation enters the Naval segment of the Pure Car and Truck Carrier
Will acquire garage ships that will be chartered to Hyundai Glovis
Project for the creation of an autonomous vehicle for combined road-rail transport
It is developed by the Glid Technologies that has signed an agreement with the Port of Woodland
Koper confirms the first container port of the Adriatic
Already exceeded the share of one million uneventful teu since the beginning of the year
Three ships attacked in the Red Sea
Tampa / London
Missiles and drones launched from the Houthi-controlled area. Intervention by the American destroyer "USS Carney"
In the third quarter, the transits of ocean vessels in the Panama Canal decreased by -4.4%
In the first nine months of 2023, shipping traffic fell by -3.3% percent.
The IMO Assembly elected the members of its Council for the biennium 2024-2025
On Thursday, the election of the president and vice president
BLS Cargo hopes for measures to support rail freight transport on the Rhine-Alps corridor
To penalize this mode are mainly the construction sites, the prices of rail tracks and energy.
On Tuesday in Livorno, the experimental phase of the Single Customs and Controls will be launched.
The system favours the coordinated and concurrent control of controls
Record shipping traffic for November in Suez Canal
2,264 ships transited (+ 4.3%)
Fincantieri will acquire Remazel Engineering
The Company specializes in the design and supply of highly customized and high complexity equipment topside equipment
FEPORT, ETA, EMPA and ECASBA are urging the EU Commission to assess without delay the negative impact on European ports of the extension of the ETS to shipping
In the third quarter, the turnover index of the transport services marked a negative trend.
The conjunctural variation is nothing
In the third quarter the port of Tanger Med has handled more than 2.2 million containers (+ 13%)
GPH has detected shares of Royal Caribbean in cruise terminals at ports in Barcelona, Malaga, Singapore and Lisbon
The American group has sold 38% percent of the capital of Barcelona Port Investments to Global Ports Holding.
Two ships of the Messina carry the caravan of means for the Dakar Rally
The 845 means will be landed on December 14 in the Saudi port of Yanbu
Activate the telematics platform to access the Sea Modal Shift
Today at 15 a presentation webinar
Viking orders Neptun Werft the construction of ten river cruise ships
Rostock / Los Angeles
They will be delivered by 2026
Meeting in Gioia Tauro ahead of the establishment of the Agency for Port Work
Joy Tauro
It will have to take over the Gioia Tauro Port Agency, whose deadline is set at the end of January.
Italy is out of China's Belt and Road Initiative
Merlo (Federlogistics) : good for ports and logistics, but also for our shipbuilding industry
At Logiport (Grimaldi) the management of the new Darsena ferry Civitavecchia
Above the offer of the Livorno Terminal Marittimo
Uniport presents its strategy to make ports the engine of growth
Legora de Feo : our sector needs today a systemic view of port policies
PSA Italy is set to close 2023 with a traffic of more than two million containers
The volumes in Venice are growing. In Genoa, there is an increase in activity at Sech and a decline in Pra.
Nicolò Iguera is the new president of YoungShip Italy
Renewed the Governing Council for the biennium 2023-25
TX Logistik finalized the acquisition of Exploris Deutschland Holding
Established the second operator of iron freight transport in Germany
SIOT-TAL will invest 44.4 million euros in upgrading of Trieste's Terminale Marino
Work entrusted to the Fincantieri Infrastructure Works Maritime Works
Agostinelli, well the search for Salvini of broader convergences on the proposal for the ETS moratorium
Joy Tauro
The President of the AdSP reiterated the risks to the port of Gioia Tauro
European Council of Transport, not addressing the theme of the risk of loss of competitiveness of transhipment ports caused by EU ETS
No response to the concerns expressed by Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta and Portugal
ACGM confirms no to the constitution of an agency for the provision of temporary port work in Taranto
Following the march back of the AdSP, antitrust will not propose an appeal to the TAR
Maersk will enhance its facilities and logistical activities in Southeast Asia
Planned investment of more than 500 million
In the port of Valletta the first supply to an electric power ship of the ground network
To equip the five quays of the cold ironing terminal, 49.9 million euros have been invested.
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
Agreement of the Italian Academy of Mercantile-De Wave in the field of shipbuilding
Collaboration for the training of technicians for the supervision and installation of facilities on ships
Anthony Veder-Accelleron agreement for assistance to turbochargers of 13 ships
Agreement based on a fixed fee applied to effective hours of operation
Ellerman seals a slot agreement with MSC related to transatlantic shipping routes
It will enter into force on the first January
AdSP of the Northern Adriatic, the Management Committee approves the third change in budget
Confirmed the adjustment of 25.15% of maritime demanial canons for 2024
Revamped the North East Confectural Steering
Paolo Salvaro confirmed to the presidency, while Manuel Scortegagna was appointed vice president.
GNV starts a new recruiting campaign
The first date on Monday and Tuesday in Naples
Logistics group Public Spinelli publishes its first Sustainability Budget
Ok the transfer of the concession of Terminal Ferry Barcelona to the Grimaldi Group
Barcelona / Naples
Deliberation by the Catalan Port Authority after the green light of the antitrust authority
The IMO assembly unanimously confirms the appointment of Velasco as secretary general
The term, lasting four years, will begin next January.
Launched in Ancona the cruise ship Viking Vela
It will be delivered at the end of 2024
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
Conference on changes in port logistics
It will be held in the first December in Ravenna
Conference of Uniport on the future of Italian portuality
It will be held on December 5 in Rome
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Ports cyber hack reveals Australia's 'vulnerability' to attack
(The New Daily)
Economy Minister: Anaklia port project developing “according to plan”, “no delays” in deadlines
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FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Mario Mattioli
Roma, 27 ottobre 2023
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Port of the Spezia, signed the contract for the realization of the new pier cruises
The Spezia
Expected two benches of the length of 393 and 339 meters
d' Amico International Shipping will become part of the FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index
Includes the 60 companies with the largest market capitalization listed on the MTA and MIV markets of Borsa Italiana
Santi Casciano appointed CEO of the Going Gateway and Reefer Terminal
Go Ligure
Will take office on December 15
Rexi : signed the conventions with 12 interports for more than 11 million intended for completion of the network
The notice for an additional eight million euros will be published shortly.
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