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October 29, 2021

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Raise the useful catch quotas for ships arriving and departing from the ports of Venice and Chioggia

Di Blasio : nautical accessibility is an essential element in the development of portuality

The Capitaneria of Porto in Venice, with the ordinance no. 99 of last October 15, raised the fishing quotas for the ships arriving and departing from the lagunar port and thus provided the same date for the clodiense heater even the Capitaneria in Porto in Chioggia with the order no. 61. In particular, the ordinance no. 99 establishing the maximum fishing of ships in navigation in the Malamocco-Marghera Canale elevates the 11.50 metres (10.50 metres) in 2018 for ships of maximum length of 230 metres (for ships between 301 metres and 335 metres) the maximum draught has been set at 10.50 metres). With the ordinance No. 61 of the Capitaneria in Port of Chioggia the new fishes were brought, for the accosts of the "Val da Rio" airport, between 6.5 metres and seven metres while, for the heels of the climo "Saloni"-canal Lombardo exterior (C1-C6), the maximum allowable catches are equal to the seven metres.

The Port System Authority of the Northern Adriatic Sea has specified that the increase of the draught was made possible as a result of a progressive maintenance work of the port channels aimed at improving nautical accessibility. The intervention on the Malamocco-Marghera Canal, which has been carried out since 2019 and partly now in execution, has, in fact, allowed to remove about one million cubic metres of sediment (of which, on the basis of the Fanghi Protocol of 1993, about 150mila cubic meters classified as "A" and used for morphological restoration interventions by refluing in barena, while the remaining, classified as "B" have been conferred at the Tresse Island) in the trait ranging from the Bacino of evolution n ° 3 in Fusina and up to the "curvon" of San Leonardo for an overall investment of approximately 18.4 million euros. As for Chioggia's stopover instead, the manutented excavations allowed to remove a total of about 45mila cubic metres of sediment (all classified as "B" on the basis of the Fanghi Protocol of 1993 and thus conferred with it). the Tresse Island) for an overall investment of the intervention of approximately 990mila euro.

The president of the AdSP, Fulvio Lino Di Blasio, thanked the Capitaneries in Porto di Venezia and in Chioggia for the new ordinances, " which-he noted-valorize, in safety, the work that has been done in the past years. In fact, nautical accessibility is essential for the development of portability in general, and is even more so for the veneto port system that presents such peculiarities, both under a maritime and operational profile, is under an environmental profile, to make a strong push for innovation necessary. "

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