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April 15, 2022

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Free Wheels, the next wild liberalization will give the coup de grace to small road haulage companies

He will leave on the field - Franchini denounced - only large groups with few employees and many owners, fake entrepreneurs of themselves, but in reality real workers exploited and without protection of any kind

There is just over a month to go before the coup de grace for the small road haulage businesses. Free Wheels denounces it recalling that from next May 21 "they change in a way radical the requirements to be able to carry out the profession, in consequence of the decree published by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility on 8 April 2022 that incorporates the mobility package of the European Union. A decree that was accepted without any intervention by part of the Italian Government'. According to the association it is of 'a savage liberalisation' which comes 'in a dramatic moment for the road haulage sector' and represents "yet another punitive measure against the small and medium-sized enterprises'.

Recalling that until now the new road haulage companies could start to exercise only after the takeover of another company deleted from the Register of Road Transport (for transfer of company or transfer of vehicle fleet) or with direct entry, through motor vehicles available in a category of at least Euro 5 and total laden mass of not less than 80 tonnes, the spokesperson for Ruote Libere, Cinzia Franchini, explained that now, instead, to obtain authorization for the exercise of the occupation of road transport operator and registration with the REN (National Electronic Register), the transport company only needs be registered in the Register of Road Hauliers with the requirements access to the profession or good repute, professional competence and financial fitness, and also demonstrate that they meet the requirement of the establishment. The obligation to possess the 80 tons for the entry into the market of a new road haulage company, and is even a single vehicle held in availability to any title (property, usufruct, purchase with agreement of retention of title, leasing, loan, rental without driver) and of any Euro class.

"This is - underlined Franchini - a blow of shameful sponge, fielded with the complicit silence of all the representative associations, including those that should protect small artisan businesses that today in Italy, remember, they represent 26% of the total (in the case of companies monovehicular) and 40% of the total (those from 2 to 5 vehicles). To light of this turning point, we understand well the summer controversies on the alleged shortages of drivers and the consequent Flow Decree that has permission to bring in other potential foreign truck drivers. The the truth is that the associations that represent the large groups, have succeeded in expanding the number theorist of the new slaves, using precisely the weapon of the shortage of drivers, a lack that obviously had to be contained by increasing the guarantees of those who work in the sector, certainly not reducing them».

"Now they are also understood, unfortunately - he continued Franchini - the recent statements of the president of the Register National Road Hauliers, Enrico Finocchi, for which in the our country there would still be too many small businesses that are struggling to remain on the market and for which it would be necessary to "do team to support the Italian economy". Is this - recriminated the spokeswoman of Free Wheels - the idea of the "team" who has in mind the government with the complicity of the great groups: a team made up of a few masters and a lot of manpower low-cost dequalified. A further drift that will lead at the death the historical artisan enterprises and will leave on the field only large groups with few employees and many owners, fake entrepreneurs of themselves, but in reality real workers exploited and without protection of any kind".

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