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April 21, 2022

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Relaunched the proposal to create a large area back port in the lower Piedmont

New lung serving the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado

Today, on the occasion of the fourth edition of the States General of the Logistics of the North West in progress in Alexandria, is the proposal to create a rear port area has been relaunched beyond the Apennines to support the growth of Ligurian ports, area in the lower Piedmont that could take advantage of the incentives provided for Simplified Logistics Zones and may be able to decongest the Ligurian ports of call as well as the system motorway and railway.

The proposal, pivoting on the railway marshalling yard of Alessandria, provides for the creation of a large area rear port "buffer" that, thanks to the new technologies, operates in close coordination with the ports of Genoa and Savona connected both by rail, to get to compose the trains from 750 meters, both with a shuttle service.

At the meeting it was noted that, according to calculations developed by parallel studies by the EIB and UIRNet (now Digitalog), the displacement of a substantial share of containers (about 30%) forced today to long waits in port, or for entering the port, would make the accounts come back making it possible in the backport also the formation of those trains of 750 meters that make container transport on railway. "The one launched today - said Cesare Rossini, president of the Slala Foundation, main promoter of the initiative - it is not a design hypothesis; is a challenge that must be won for the Ligurian port but especially for the competitiveness and efficiency of the industrial system and logistics of the North West and therefore of the entire country».

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