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May 2, 2022

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Messina (Assarmatori): the one on risks to competition from the Transport Decree is a captious controversy about nothing

According to the association, the complaint is useless and Harmful

For Assarmatori there would not be the risk, feared by the trade unions, a deterioration in the conditions of competition in the logistics sector if the last draft of the decree-law on infrastructure and transport. Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti have denounced that the current text would allow to international operators to intervene directly in the activities logistics in Italy benefiting from favorable tax conditions ( of 2 and 2 May 2022). The two trade unions did not mention individual international companies that could benefit from this situation, but among these evidently there could be the group Swiss Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) which is associated to Assarmatori, an organization that represents Italian shipowners but also of other nations operating a significant share of maritime services with Italian ports.

"They appeared in the press - noted the president of Assarmatori, Stefano Messina - news according to which a norm included in the draft of the Transport Decree would constitute an aid extensive taxation compared to that present today in favor of the Italian shipowners, such as to put at risk, according to unspecified "observers", even the competition in the sector, drawing the attention of the European Commission. This approach, hypothesized by some political and trade union actors - Messina specified - is misleading and suggests that they have intervened on these issues related to armament and ports not in possession of the necessary and correct information and therefore without any technical in-depth analysis and also with a good dose of rhetoric."

Specifying that these are controversies relating to the limitation, and certainly not to the extension, to the activities strictly ancillary to the carriage of cruise passengers and cargo of the tax benefits provided for by the regime known as that of the Registry International, the president of Assarmatori highlighted that "this regime has been in force for 24 years and the novelty in question is instead the result of a decision of the European Commission dated 11 June 2020 ( of 11 June 2020, ed), which goes right in the direction contrary to what was feared. The beneficiaries of the aid to the maritime transport - explained Messina - will be able to consider the ground assets in the income eligible for benefit within the limit by 50% as requested by the Commission itself to standardise the our regime to that of the other EU Member States. You don't forget that the body of the Union has imposed on Italy to apply this measure by January 2021: the risk, therefore, more that a "reprimand" to our country for the adoption of that legislation, if anything, would be that of opening a procedure of infringement for not having done so yet after 15 months from the expiry of the term'. "I would like to emphasize moreover - added Messina - that this regime is guaranteed only to companies based in Italy: absurd and instrumental refer to other subjects'.

"Finally - concluded Messina - raise this captious controversy about nothingness when we are finally preparing to put in security an essential regime, which as clear to all allows you to have a competitive system in Italy (the well-known Registry International), appears useless and harmful. Downstream of all this, Assarmatori, accustomed to dialogue and work with the public administration and the political and social partners, will continue to work in the interest of the blue economy supply chain and especially that of the thousands of jobs to it closely related'.

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