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May 25, 2022

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Jensen (Danica Crewing Specialists) : The shortage of crews is causing a rise in seafarers ' wages

"Unprecedented recruitment and arming crisis"

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is causing a shortage of seamen that in turn is determining a rise in the levels of their wages. Henrik Jensen urged the shipowners, did not seem disinterested in being the chief executive officer of the Danish maritime recruitment agency Danica Crewing Specialists, to hastily catch up as quickly as possible. seafarers still on the square so that they have no problem in the future in arming their ships and, above all, for not having to disburse more money to form their crews.

"In addition to the consequences of the situation in Ukraine, we have Russian seafarers subject to visa restrictions and travel restrictions and new outbreaks of coronaviruses in China that have prevented many Chinese crews from reaching out to them," he said. vessels. All this, put together, is reducing the world's availability of crews and causing an unprecedented recruitment and weapons crisis. " Referring to the upward trend in seafarers, Jensen said he was seeing " an increase in remuneration in respect of all types of maritime personnel and ships. "For some of these qualifications, the increases are very much heightened," he said.

According to Jensen, currently seamen ready to return to the sea would find themselves in the lucky position of being able to choose between many offers. "We are encouraging our shipowners to quickly offer concrete job offers when we present them with a candidate they deem suitable," the company said in a statement. "In the current market, if the candidate has to wait, even for a few days, talks and decisions, it could very well apply to other employers," he said.

The CEO of Danica Crewing Specialists has also warned that the market is multiplying the curriculum vitae and fake qualification titles, as the shortage of crews facilitates those who try to deceive employers to obtain more coveted roles or simply to fill a vacancy.

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