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July 5, 2022

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ESPO and Feport reiterate the need to equip systems with cold ironing only port terminals where they are needed

Installation in underutilized terminals would result in a waste of public resources

The Association of European Ports ESPO and the Federation of European private port terminalists Feport have highlighted the the need for proposals for regulations on infrastructure for alternative fuels AFIR (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure) Regulation) and FuelEU Maritime Regulation should allow the installation of OPS (Onshore Power Supply) systems for supply of electricity from the shore grid to ships in parking in ports, in order to reduce the emissions produced by the naval units, only where the positioning of these Systems makes more sense in environmental and economic terms.

The two organisations noted that Article 9 of the AFIR proposal of the European Commission could result in the fact that an entire port must be equipped with OPS equipment of cold ironing if it is scaled by a certain number of vessels container or passenger carriers. ESPO and Feport have shown that this would lead to significant additional public investment compared to a more targeted approach and found that it is unlikely that such investments would be efficient in terms of expenditure with respect to the reduction of emissions that could generate.

According to ESPO and Feport, a approach focused on the distribution of OPS systems locating them at certain points in the port, such as docks or terminal, rather than to port. As a result, the port areas which are not normally scaled by ships or which are not intended to be scaled by types of ships that are not required to use the connection to OPS equipment when it is at berth, as is the case in underused terminals, they may be excluded from the requirement of the presence of OPS systems. This - they have underlined the two organizations - would ensure the best efficiency of OPS in environmental and economic terms by avoiding one waste of public resources.

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