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July 19, 2022

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Home arrests for six executives of S.I. Cobas and USB in the context of the investigations into strikes in the logistics

The two trade unions have called for a strike of 24 hours

Some trade union leaders of S.I. Cobas and the Union of Trade Unions Basic (USB) were placed under house arrest this morning on mandate of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Piacenza with the hypothesis of offences ranging from conspiracy to private violence, resistance to public officials, sabotage and the interruption of public service and which refer to the strikes in the logistics sector held from 2014 to 2022.

If in justifying the measures the magistrates have emphasized 'the non-overlapping between the associations for criminals formed by the suspects and the trade unions, these last 'devoted to safeguarding workers' rights, unlike the suspects', in response to these Measures, S.I. Cobas and USB have called 24 hours strike of all categories of private and public work starting from evening shifts of the day today.

S.I. Cobas announced that they were placed under arrest home four national leaders of the organization trade unions and that two were also affected by the same measures national representatives of USB, while two other precautionary measures are were issued for two other local USB representatives.

S.I. Cobas denounced that "this operation has the goal of tarnishing and discrediting conflictual trade unionism as a whole, exploiting individual episodes, completely physiological, of internal dialectic between workers of different belonging to acronyms within individual warehouses, misrepresenting deliberately the facts, terms and contents of some harsh disputes on the territory of Piacenza in order to present the struggles against exploitation and starvation wages as a kind of "feud" between unions to grab a few more members".

S.I. Cobas highlighted that "the struggles that the Prosecutor's Office wants to criminalize have led in hundreds of companies and warehouses to an improvement of living conditions and wages of the workers and the overcoming of that system of exploitation and caporalato in which they have always wallowed fake cooperatives often linked to organized crime and that, with complicity of the confederal trade unions, it has expanded and fed as a cancer thanks to the complacency and silence of those same institutions and those same prosecutors' offices that today are they rage against the SI Cobas and the USB."

Referring to the measure issued by the Piacenza Public Prosecutor's Office, the Union of Base Trade Unions has recriminated that "with as many as 350 ordinance pages build a real "theorem" judicial" on the basis of an endless list of "facts criminal" such as pickets, strikes, occupations of warehouses, assemblies, etc.'. "Logistics - has emphasized the trade union organization - it is one of the junctions central to the new generation of capitalist economy, the the movement of goods is a determining ganglion of the value chain and that's where the contradiction is expresses at the highest level: exploitation of labour, mostly foreign and blackmailable, use without brakes contracts and subcontracts to cooperatives also with infiltrations, not too underground, of the organized underworld, rights non-existent and systematically violated trade unions and therefore it is there that the struggles, the conflict are harder and determined and there strikes the repression".

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