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July 21, 2022

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Hupac, Kombiverkehr, Hoyer, Paneuropa, Lokomotion and KTL create a data hub for intermodal transport

The system will offer access to all actors of the supply chain

The combined transport operators Hupac and Kombiverkehr, the transport company Hoyer and Paneuropa, the company Lokomotion railway and KTL combined transport terminal Kombi - Terminal Ludwigshafen formed the DX data hub Intermodal (DXI) which is a consequence of the research project KV4.0 for the digitalization of the intermodal supply chain that has involved, in addition to the six companies, five other partners in the period 2017-2021. DXI's goal is to further develop the system and to allow all the actors in the chain of intermodal transport to access the data hub.

"With the help of the DXI hub - explained Aldo Puglisi, Head of Digitization of Hupac - the operators of transport can exchange all the data of their units intermodal between all combined transport operators and the system only, including data from railway undertakings and terminal'. The exchange of data will take place in real time and without barriers, but always within a circuit of authorized distribution.

DXI partners highlighted that timely knowledge of the expected volume of shipments will improve the slot planning at terminals. In addition, the companies railways, if they are aware of the delays, will be able to schedule more flexibly use of locomotives and train drivers and truck journeys to and from the terminals will be able to be optimized by providing information well in advance.

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