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July 22, 2022

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Port of La Spezia, signed the agreement to fluidify the traffic in heavy goods vehicles

The agreement was signed by all the associations of category and trade unions, with the exception of Assarmatori

At the port of La Spezia the negotiation with the acronyms of road transport, logistics and of armament and with the unions on measures to decongest the access of heavy vehicles to the Ligurian port of call. Fifteen industry associations and trade unions, with the exception of of Assarmatori, have in fact signed a document presented by the Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea to settle the dispute that has been going on for a few weeks after the rejection by the Resource Partnership Body sea of the Ordinance of the AdSP for the "Regulation of access" of heavy vehicles in the port of La Spezia and introduction of levels of service of the port system".

The ordinance aimed to introduce a maximum time of waiting for hauliers to carry out operations loading and unloading in the port of La Spezia. The measure it also provided for sanctions that would be triggered, for the terminal operators, in case of exceeding the time limit or incentives in case of improvement of services. After the rejection, which had led to the disapplication of the order, the transport companies had reacted by applying, for the sole port of La Spezia, a surcharge on transport contracts of 150 euro. For its part, the Port System Authority had considered the tariff measure introduced by the carriers penalizing for port traffic.

To the new "Own-initiative document of the Authority of Port System of the Eastern Ligurian Sea in relation to the problems of road transport in the port of La Spezia for the establishment of a permanent consultation table" joined last Wednesday the associations: Association Freight forwarders Port of La Spezia, ASPEDO, Assoagenti, Confindustria Logistics Section, Uiltrasporti, Fit Cisl, the terminalista LSCT, ANITA, Confitarma, FAI, FITA CNA, Confartigianato Trasporti, Assotir, Joint transport, Filt CGIL.
The four measures envisaged in the document:

1) As of 1 August 2022, the Levels of Service in the Port of La Spezia, according to the procedures referred to al!' Order submitted to the Partnership Body on 27 May u.s. In the face of these "Service Levels" not no system of sanctions or incentive;

2) Each entity organizing the issuance operations and collection of empty containers, undertakes immediately to assume the "drop & pick" as an ordinary mode to which to aim, in order to achieve a better management of road transport, also with the aim of reducing to maximum unproductive expectations and empty trips by the road haulage companies. The consultation table provided for by the this document will address, in a meeting, to be held in date 2 August p.v. the theme of the management of empty containers, with particular reference to the use of the areas behind the port. Within on 15 September p.v. the consultation table will carry out a verification monitoring on the actual percentage of containers moved in "drop & pick" mode.

3) As of 1 October 2022 AdSP will restore the system for the automated detection of heavy vehicle flows in and out of the port of La Spezia and will make available, on the Adsp website, the information deriving from the monitoring of the transit and residence times of the vehicles heavy in port, detected by means of the system of "buoys" telepass" installed in the Stagnoni area. Access to this information will be allowed to accredited users. Adsp can provide certification of the time spent in port for the purposes of the law to those who request it;

4) From 1 January 2023, a system for monitoring, through satellite systems, of flows trucks arriving in the port of La Spezia through the different motorway routes. This system will allow, with appropriate warning, to establish the flow of incoming vehicles allowing Adsp and the terminal to take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of congestion and queuing, or to prepare flow management procedures that avoid dangers of slowdowns and / or queues along the MOTORWAY junction AI15 La Spezia - Santo Stefano di Magra.

The document provides for the restoration of maximum waiting times for carriers by abolishing the sanctioning system, new how to track the time of the performance of the operations in port, certified by the AdSP and starting from the next 1 January 2023, a satellite flow control system such as to provide, in real time, the number of trucks arriving from the different motorway routes towards the port of La Spezia.

Commitments to improve transport management are also envisaged of empty containers by the various subjects that organize the Transport. Improvements will be in travel optimisation and the reduction of inconvenience and extra costs for companies of transport also through the use of the rear port areas. Beyond when the maximum waiting times are restored, the document contains the provision for the establishment of a "Permanent Table of Consultation" on road transport issues.

This forum for discussion will meet as early as next 2 August and will address, as the first theme, that of management of empty containers and operation of areas backports. The permanent table will also have the objective of stipulate, among all interested parties, an "Agreement of Programme", a specific instrument provided for by law which regulates road transport to regulate, between companies and clients, the detailed rules for carrying out transport, including provision of compensation against certain conditions of discomfort. The Table will also have advisory functions in the adSP comparisons, promoting a joint review of monitoring on traffic flows and time spent in port and making proposals regarding the contents of the ordinances.

Following adherence to the document and its contents, the road haulage undertakings have undertaken to withdraw the surcharge applied to La Spezia. Only the association shipowner Assarmatori has decided not to adhere to the document citing the risk that any disruptions may fall for the most part on shipping companies, which on August 2 is a date on which the conditions for resolving the theme of the management of empty containers and that the transport of the same containers in the back-port areas would produce costs that they would be, according to Assarmatori, at the sole expense of the lines Maritime.

The Port System Authority has highlighted that, that agreed, it is one of the most advanced experiences existing in the Italian ports of management, coordinated and shared, the question of road transport in relation to port infrastructures, involving a wide spectrum of subjects representing the commodity cycle. "The port - has underlined the president of the AdSP, Mario Sommariva - takes a step moving towards the modernisation and digitalisation of processes Complex. The method of dialogue and reciprocal dialogue is consolidated listening among the different stakeholders. I'm sorry, and I express regret, for the non-adhesion of Assarmatori. I think we have focused too much on the theme of empty containers by diminishing the scope general of the document that was also appreciated. He ended up thus prevailing a particular vision over a single theme. I hope, however, that the general appreciation express can lead, in the future, Assarmatori to review their position. The port of La Spezia can not do without, on themes so delicate for its functioning, of the contribution of the main associates of Assarmatori i.e. the companies of navigation belonging to the MSC group'.

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