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July 27, 2022

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In the port of Olbia will be made an approach for the cruise ships

At the quay they will be able to moor alternately also the Ferries

The Port System Authority of the Sea of Sardinia points to strengthen the cruise sector in the port of Olbia with a new docking whose realization is made possible from today's green light from the Management Committee of the institution to the proposal for technical adaptation functional to the Master Plan of the Olbiese airport. The new cruise dock will be built on the south side of the port and will be built with the extension of the pier 9 (incorporating the current pier 8), up to alignment with the hull of pier 7, so as to obtain a new quay operational 316 meters long able to accommodate even ships from cruise of the latest generation.

The AdSP has specified that this is an intervention that does not will deprive the port of the White Island of a precious approach to ferries as the technical and functional adaptation provides for the realization at the root of pier 9 of a docking tooth of length and width equal to 40 meters such as to allow the normal carrying out the maneuvers of the vehicles embarking and disembarking from the ferries that will be able to moor at the new quay in the absence of cruise ships.

At the same time, at the Palmera pier (side north of the port), the AdSP provides for the construction of a tank of filled that will accommodate the excavation materials of the canal and the port basin already in an advanced design phase. The configuration of the tank, which will preserve the spur rocky to the east of the root of the pier, it will have a surface total of 55,600 square meters, with a capacity of containment equal to 212,000 cubic meters and - underlined the institution port - will be able to meet expansion needs of the thriving shipbuilding industry settled on the shore northern Gulf of Olbia.

'The approved proposal for technical and functional adaptation today by the Management Committee - explained the president of the AdSP, Massimo Deiana - marks a turning point for the market cruise to the White Island and for the industry sector of the shipbuilding that has found its natural settlement in the north shore of the Gulf of Olbia. A solution that, subject to the green light of the Superior Council of Public Works, will allow us, on the one hand, to create a quay of more than 300 meters and able to comfortably accommodate even the most large cruise ships; on the other, a filled tank that will have the dual functionality of receiving, with considerable savings of the institution's funds, a substantial proportion of waste materials of the dredging already programmed for the access channel to the port and water mirrors overlooking the piers, and to make available any new spaces at the service of the pole of the shipbuilding».

During the meeting, the Management Committee approved also a redetermination of the entry and exit forecasts of the 2022 budget, as more have been planned revenue of 6.9 million euros and an increase in the expenditure of about 1.9 million euros, as well as an update of the three-year public works programme 2022-2024, with an amount total financial resources increased to about 310 millions of euros.

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