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July 28, 2022

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Container charterer Triton records revenues quarterly records

Market growth expected to ease

In the second quarter of this year the company's revenues Rental of intermodal containers Triton International have reached the record value of 421.6 million dollars, with a increase of +14.0% on the corresponding period of 2021. A new record value was also recorded by operating profit which amounted to 269.7 million dollars (+18.0%). The profit net was equal to 184.6 million dollars (+183.0%).

The size of the company's container fleet is also rose to a record share being equal to over 7.4 million teu, with an increase of +7.1% on 30 June 2021.

Highlighting the remarkable results for the shareholders produced from the company, Triton's CEO, Brian Sondey, noted that "the very high yields of the Triton reflect the long-lasting improvements made to our activities as well as generally favourable conditions of the market. The utilization rate of our fleet - has specified - remains well above 99% and reflects the remarkable share of our container fleet which is placed at long-term rental and low level of returns. Prices of the new containers - explained Sondey - have decreased compared to the peak reached last year, but they continue to be at historically high levels, with factories listing 20-foot containers for dry cargoes around $2,600, and offer considerable support for rental prices and disposal of containers'. Sondey pointed out that the company believes that the growth of the rental market of containers will continue to subside, but - he underlined - this will not have an impact on the company's performance expecting to close a third quarter with earnings per share in line with that of the second trimester.

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