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August 5, 2022

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DHL records record quarterly revenues

Decline in air shipments. Maritime ones are growing

In the second quarter of this year the express courier DHL has recorded record financial performance. Revenues have reached the historical peak of 24.03 billion euros, with an increase of +23.4% on the corresponding period of 2021. In the segment of shipments revenues amounted to 8.16 billion euros (+55.8%), of which 3.23 billion generated by shipments by sea (+116.2%) and 2.78 billion from air shipments (+40.0%). The express courier business produced revenues equal to 6.99 billion euros (+17.5%). At the total turnover they have also contributed 4.07 billion euros from solutions for the supply chain (+22.7%), 1.51 billion from the e-commerce sector (+5.4%) and 3.96 billion from mail delivery activities and parcels in Germany (-4.8%).

EBITDA and operating profit were record-even respectively to 3.35 billion euros (+10.2%) and 2.34 billion euros euro (+12.2%). Net profit was €1.56 billion (+12,6%).

In the period April-June of this year the volume of shipments air handled by the group amounted to 477 thousand tons of cargoes (-7.7%), while that of maritime shipments has been pairs to 876 thousand container teu (+11.3%).

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