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03 October 2022 - Year XXVI
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ERFA, the increase in energy prices not only undermines the competitiveness of rail cargo transport, but also puts the survival of SMEs in the sector at risk
The association calls for a cap on energy prices for rail freight transport and calls for the recognition of the sector as a strategic service
September 15, 2022
They are difficulties that freight transport companies on rails have to face not in the long or medium term, nor short, but rather in the immediate having to - highlighted the European association - if they do not have sufficient energy purchased for 2022 and 2023, make sure immediately the energy supply to continue the operational activity in a time when, in some EU Member States, prices energy has increased tenfold in recent months. ERFA specified that in many cases, especially for the most small, this will involve the transfer of costs to the customers and, if this is not possible, the exit from the market of operators or, in some cases, even their failure. In addition - denounced the association - there are still Member States where railway undertakings cannot even access directly to the energy market and are totally dependent the purchasing decisions of infrastructure managers railway and their cost transfer mechanism.

The European Rail Freight Association also highlighted the existence of the real risk of a consolidation of the rail freight transport triggered by rising prices of energy, a risk that the association considers to be more pronounced in countries where incumbent railway operators have more favourable access to finance.

The association also warned that, in the absence of a roof maximum energy prices for rail freight transport, also the railway companies that have purchased energy for the remaining part of this year and for 2023 they will still be forced to introduce large increases in tariffs to be paid by the its customers as well as to limit their growth in new markets in order to limit energy consumption. This - has ERFA observed - will damage the capacity of the sector to grow in line with the objectives set out in the Strategy European for Sustainable and Smart Mobility.

It is therefore necessary - urged the association - that, as a short-term solution, the European Commission and the Member States take measures to limit energy prices in order to strategically important sectors such as rail transport of goods, while for a long-term solution it will be it is necessary to find a sustainable pricing mechanism of energy.

"Without support - explained the president of ERFA, Dirk Stahl - in this extreme situation, who is out of the our control, it will be difficult not to attend operators who will leave the market. Already from next month - ha added - the situation will become critical and is it is essential that action be taken at European and national level'.
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Inaugurato il nuovo impianto per il caffè verde di Pacorini Silocaf nell'area retroportuale di Vado Ligure
Vado Ligure
Con una capacità di stoccaggio di 27.000 tonnellate, è il più grande al mondo per questa tipologia di merce
Nel secondo trimestre il traffico dei container nei terminal portuali di Contship Italia è diminuito del -4,5%
Complessivamente i terminal della capogruppo Eurokai hanno movimentato tre milioni di teu (-4,0%)
Porto della Spezia, avviata la seconda fase della gara per il nuovo molo crociere a Calata Paita
La Spezia
L'offerta tecnica ed economica dovrà essere presentata entro il 7 novembre
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SBB adotta un piano per incrementare del +60% il volume delle merci trasportate su rotaia in Svizzera entro il 2050
Entro il 2040 sono previsti investimenti per 1,5 miliardi di franchi svizzeri
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Giovedì a Roma sarà celebrato il venticinquennale della Federazione del Mare
Verranno presentati il VI Rapporto sull'economia del mare e il volume “Cinquant'anni di economia marittima in Italia: evoluzione e prospettive tra XX e XXI secolo”
Dal 23 al 27 giugno alla Spezia si terrà la settima edizione di Seafuture
La manifestazione internazionale è dedicata alla Blue Economy e alle innovazioni nel settore navale e marittimo
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China starts importing to Turkey via BTK
China started shipping dried fruits to Turkey via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway.
Thessaloniki port starts tender process for extension of Pier 6
(Athens Macedonian News Agency - AMNA)
A tender was issued for a first-stage.
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FORUM of Shipping
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Relazione del presidente Daniele Rossi
Napoli, 30 settembre 2020
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