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29 May 2023 - Year XXVII
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Original news
To talk about deaths at work MIT does not talk to those who represent them
Forgetfulness or deliberate choice? Read it and maybe you'll find out
February 13, 2023
"Civitavecchia, Rixi : Ennesima tragedy, Mit summons Assoports and terminalists," the editorial office said in a statement on Friday. The inception of the meeting is aimed at discussing the problems of job security at ports after two port workers died last week from accidents in the Trieste and Civitavecchia scars. The League's statement said : " Safety at work is an unavoidable priority. In anticipation of knowing the outcome of the investigation into the dynamics of the tragedies in Trieste and Civitavecchia, in the coming days we will make the point at the Mit with the Assoports and Assiterminal trade associations. At the centre we will put the analysis and assessment of risks related to the operating conditions in commercial ports. It is imperative for us to ensure safe and healthy working conditions are ensured. " "The MP and Deputy Minister at Mit Edoardo Rixi said in a statement," the press office said in a statement.

Indisputably, that note was news : the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in the person of Deputy Minister Rixi, intends to confront the representations of the port world in order to assess the situation and eventually decide new measures to ensure safety and, as far as possible, prevent these tragedies from happening again. Our newspaper, having extensively talked about the two incidents and the reactions of the port sector actors, on Friday had temporarily placed in a desk drawer the tightened note of the League's press office with the intent of use it, possibly, in case we had further material-other news and novelties-to publish an additional article.

In addition, the statement from the League's press office to those who read it seemed incomplete, perhaps drafted hastily with the aim of making it timely to know what the steps of the Ministry led by the lectern Matteo Salvini relied on from the deputy, also a leghist, Edoardo Rixi. Moreover, in the time of Twitter's chirping it seems that there are not only the minutes, but not even the seconds necessary to dwell on whether what has been written is correct, or complete or even sensible.

The statement issued in those hours by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which is the copy-glue of that of the League's press office, did not make clear in that sense. So both of them stayed in the drawer of our newsroom.

And this is because, if it is certainly news that the Ministry conveys the parts of the port world in a double tragedy like last week's, it is, however, predictable, even for our readers, that the dicastery will do so. in a circumstance of the genre. Those of us who put the two statements back in the drawer, in onor of the real, wondered whether the news was to be published immediately, not so much because it considered it essential that our readers were made aware of the fact that the Ministry had decided to bring together representatives of the port sector, how much rather because this convocation seemed aimed only at some of the parts of the port world. This, though, seemed impossible to him, given that these are important issues to be addressed by listening to all the parties in the lawsuit. Those who locked the two messages in a drawer were the conviction that, between a chirp to the twitterists and a facebookian post, or perhaps a video on TikTok or a reel on Instagram, those who had written them had lost their way to the streets a few lines. on the keyboard.

Two port workers have died and the competent ministry will convene the association representing the port authorities (Assoports) and the association representing employers (Assiterminal) and does not convene who represents the port workers, i.e. the victims? Impossible, it has been answered by shutting down the drawer our superficial and equally sbrigadier editor (of which we do not name, for charity of homeland). It will have been-he thought, perhaps convinced that he thus certifies his own competence and professional correctness-an unculpable omission. To those who have never happened, he has been said to have thought that he (who proclaims himself pacifist) certainly would not have carved out the first stone.

And instead the beautiful tomo of our colleague, who for hours made the faux tonal while hinting that he was wrong, bucked a news story. Because this is news, other than a forgivable omission, an inculpable omission : at the meeting, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport did not invite the trade unions, i.e. the representatives of those who died, enrolled or not that they were at one of the union initials.

More and more conscious, now after now, of his topicality, our colleague has been rushing digitally to social networks, eager to find words that comforts his ego and validate his actions. Ahimis, he didn't find any. And yet, to not be mistaken one more time, he has departed from the very many social updates of the dicastery holder, always very nutritious of what Matteo Salvini has to say. Among the ones on the posts, he has read of it like : " has left an extraordinary hiring plan of vigilantes and with the Railways we are collaborating so side-by-side that it is already reality FS Security that has the objective of improving and streamlining control services in stations. They are concrete results " ; others on the election campaign in Lombardy ; another that reads " we had promised and we are carrying out it : exemplary punishments for those who abuse, abandon and kill pets. Next week we will present as the League a proposed bill, written with several associations, to protect the four-legged friends. More severe jail sentences for animal murderers, a bonus for those who spread violence on social media, the institution of the crime of carnage for those who spread poisoned food, a ban on the sale of collars that hurt the animals, and not only that. Down your hands ". Do you want Salvini, so rightly outraged by those who hurt animals, that our editor has been told, at this point, that he does not regret the death of human beings? And, so, down to scroll through other posts hoping to find what he still hadn't found. In vain : between a " this morning at the construction site of the Olympic village of Milan-Cortina 2026 ", a" down your hands from dogs and cats " (repetita iuvant), a " donation number 89 for Avis Milano made ", there was clearly no room for the dead at work.

The wooden head as it is, our editor (he will not remain so long) has had an illumination : but sure! Salvini does not deal with these issues, he has delegated them. Of ports and sea-he has finally remembered (and this will cost him a dismissal for the right cause)-he occupies his deputy Rixi. So here it is, our own, frantically scaring the social of the vice minister, jumping from a " the work of the construction site for the realization of the Olympic Village of Milan-Cortina 2026, at the former railway stopover in Porta Romana, has accumulated an advance of 4 months and the aim is that at the end of December the buildings reach the height of the roof. The example of how the #Olimpiadi, which we strongly wanted, has accelerated a construction site that without the Games would still be empty ", to a" according to Taste Atlas, one of the most important sites dedicated to local foods, the Recco focaccia is the best dish in the world in the salt bakery ", to get to a" the meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with Minister Matteo Salvini, attended by two deputy ministers and the governors of Abruzzo and Marche, was called after a fatal accident on the A14 ". Here, we are, he exulted our own. In fact, shortly after : " health and safety -he tweeted, facebooked, tiktokato and instagrammed Rixi- must be a priority in any job. It is important to strengthen the training and culture of safety at work to prevent such tragedies ". But he did not speak of the two victims in the ports, but of a previous fatal accident at a construction site in the Third Valico.

" All his attempts have been empty, today our colleague has not presented himself in the newsroom, perhaps presaging what would have happened to him. At least so we interpreted it, given that some of us (lively) preyed upon him to let him know that it is all true, that the unions have confirmed : they have not been summoned.

Just as at our tapin colleague, however, even to the unionists this has appeared far-fetched, incredible, inconceivable and astonishing. "We hope that the secretary general of Uiltransport, Claudio Tarlazzi, who may not have read social media or perhaps, more wisely, has not done so knowing that there is talk of everything less than what we should be talking about," said the secretary general of Uiltransport, who has not read the social media. failure to convene the unions at the table announced by Minister Salvini and Deputy Minister Rixi, to take stock of the security at ports, is just a forgetfulness to which remedy will be immediately remedied. " "In dealing with the issue of security, linked to the issue of the early exodus for port workers, it cannot be ruled out who represents the workers in the sector," he said. We would not want to be forced to proclaim another strike action to express our own instances and make the voice of the port workers feel. "

Given that for Tarlazzi it is lapalissian that we cannot discuss the safety of port workers without confronting those who represent them, we must reluctally admit that our colleague may have made the same consideration as well. If proximately on inforMARE you will read a parade of notes, statements, comments, outlets, even of only one or two lines, you will understand that the tapin has not lost your job and that, in the fear of wrongdoing, it is passively publishing everything that comes. And since what comes to us daily is thousands of times more than it is published, prepare to read about dogs, cats, canaries, milledians, petunions and how beautiful their city is early in the morning.
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A metà giugno Blue Dream Cruises riattiverà la crociere internazionali dalla Cina sospese per più di tre anni
In mid-June Blue Dream Cruises will react the international cruises from China suspended for more than three years
I am Shanghai and Shenzhen the pilot ports chosen by the Beijing government for the resumption of the activity
Bennett (ICS): per decarbonizzare lo shipping è necessario fissare una chiara direzione e fornire i mezzi per raggiungere la destinazione
Bennett (ICS): to decarbonize the shipping it is necessary to fix a clear direction and provide the means to reach the destination
Nel primo trimestre i ricavi della CMA CGM sono diminuiti del -30,2%
In the first trimester the revenues of CMA CGM are diminished of -30.2%
The turnover of the shipping segment is dropped of -40.3%. -72.1% of net profit
Strix (Piraeus Bank) compulsory option on Attica shares not yet in its possession
The offer to acquire 8.8% of the capital amounts to almost 50 million euros
The congestion of the container traffic in the port of Durazzo worries the operators
the Harbour Authority assures the provision of other means of handling
Latin America could become the most important source of sustainable fuel for shipping
Global Maritime Forum and Getting to Zero Coalition highlight opportunities for the region
Aree portuali, la Corte Costituzionale spagnola boccia un regolamento della Generalitat Valenciana che impone di distanziare i serbatoi di carburante dai centri abitati
Port areas, the Spanish Constitutional Court drafts a regulation of the Valencian Generalitat requiring to allocate fuel tanks from housing centres
Appeal for inconstitutionality
Brussels approves the merger Viasat-Inmarsat which will be implemented by the end of the month
They own and manage a total of 19 GEO satellites
Illicit disposal of waste from works in the port of Taranto
Echo-criminal organization dismantled
The free way of the Senate paves the way to the realization of the bridge on the Strait of Messina
Hypotized a cost of 14 billion. The MIT assures that it will not block the transit of the great ships, making once again inappropriate reference to other bridges
Una rinfusiera in panne ha brevemente interrotto il traffico nel canale di Suez
A panne refuser briefly interrupted traffic in the Suez Canal
Success, despite some difficulties, of the operation of trailer
Nel primo trimestre il traffico dei container nel porto di Genova è calato del -7,7% ed è risultato ancora inferiore ai livelli pre-pandemia
In the first trimester the traffic of the container in the port of Genoa is dropped of the -7,7% and is still inferior to the levels pre-pandemia
In increase the volumes in the port of call of Savona-Vado Ligure
Boluda Towage e Damen Shipyards realizzeranno il primo rimorchiatore a metanolo in Europa
Boluda Towage and Damen Shipyards will make the first methanol trailer in Europe
It will be completed and delivered in 2024-25
La francese Zéphyr & Borée ordina cinque nuove portacontainer a propulsione eolica
The French Zéphyr & Borée orders five new portacontainer propulsion wind
They'll have engines powered by methanol. Committed to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard
Original news In the first quadrimestre of this year the traffic of the goods in the ports of the AdSP of the South Adriatic has grown of +6,2%
Le Aziende informano
La Ant. Bellettieri & Co., presente da più di 140 anni nel Porto di Civitavecchia, opera nella logistica portuale e nell'intermodalità mare, ferro, gomma
Operators of the Ukrainian port of Pivdenny denounce that Russia blocks the activity of the port of call
From 29 April no ship destined to the port was included in the inspection activities of the Joint Coordination Centre
For Trafigura, hydrogen-derived fuels will be essential for decarbonization of shipping
Renewed IMO exhortation to introduce a compulsory carbon tax by 2025
Through the port of Trieste, they will spend up to four million tonnes of crude oil more per year destined for the Czech Republic.
TAL Group has signed an agreement with the Czech shareholder MERO CR
In the Netherlands, the installation in the ports of cold ironing plants will be supported with 180 million euros in public funds.
In the Netherlands, the installation in the ports of cold ironing plants will be supported with 180 million euros in public funds.
The Branche Organisatie Zeehavens believes that the total investment needed will be more than 300 million euros
In April the port of Algeciras handled 409,275 containers (+ 6.2%)
In the first quarter of this year the total was 1,528,352 teu (-1.1%)
Of the 250 million containers carried by ships in 2022 only 661 have been lost at sea
Washington / Singapore/Brussels / London
It is the lowest number in the last 15 years
TX Logistik invests again to expand its fleet of railway wagons
Ordered 115 double pocket wagons of type T3000 intended for intermodal transport
Filt Cgil, naive hypothesize the reform of the ports without involve the unions
We worry - it has emphasized the union - also what declared from Salvini on the autonomy of every Authority of Harbour System
After 16 quarters of growth the operating result of the ZIM became a negative sign
After 16 quarters of growth the operating result of the ZIM became a negative sign
In the first three months of this year, revenues fell by -63.0% percent. Loads carried by fleet down by -10.5%
In Vast the largest ship has arrived that has ever climbed the Abruzzo port.
In Vast the largest ship has arrived that has ever climbed the Abruzzo port.
The ro-ro "Abu Samrah", 209 metres in length, has embarked on 450 vans
Started the construction of two carenous basins in the Algerian port of Arzew
Started the construction of two carenous basins in the Algerian port of Arzew
They will have a length of 220 meters and a depth of 14 meters
In the first half of 2023, ferries and cruises in Italy were higher than the pre-pandemic period.
Renovated the summits of RFI, Trenitalia and Mercitalia Logistics
TX Logistik ordered 40 new Siemens interoperable locomotives with option for an additional 25
The Spanish FENADISMER will start a new class action against oil companies
They are accused of taking advantage of the effects of the conflict in Udrain to apply a surcharge to fuels
Eni Agreement - RINA for the energy transition and decarbonization of naval transport
Among the purposes, the development...
Chinese investment in the Suez Canal Economic Zone
Production activities will be installed
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the Croatian ports has grown of +14,9%
The increase is determined by the rise of the bulk volumes
Event in Genoa for the relaunch of the economy of the sea
The sector - it has been emphasized - in recent decades has been dramatically underestimated in its potential
Assiterminal, Assologistica and Fise-Uniport Convention for Safety at Work
It is by definition with the support of RINA
CMA CGM compra il quotidiano economico francese “La Tribune”
CMA CGM buys the French economic daily "La Tribune"
The company is already active in publishing with the newspapers "La Provence" and "Corse Matin"
Next month Metrans will activate an intermodal link Rijeka-Budapest
The terminal of the Hungarian capital will be connected to the Serb terminal of Indija
Ok to a contribution of 2.2 million to the genoese harbour company CULMV
Resolution approved by the Management Committee
ITA Airways, confirmed the agreement with Lufthansa
Uilt, important now to realize the objectives of development and growth of the industrial plan
German Schües is the new president of the BIMCO
Subentra to Sabrina Chao who concluded his biennial term
PSA has acquired a minority share in the Vietnamese logistics company Sotrans
It was ceded by Indo Trans Logistics Corporation
Inaugurated the second phase of the Vietnamese container terminal of Nam Dinh Vu (Haipong)
You have Phong
It has an annual capacity pairs to 1,2 million teu
In April the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is dropped of -7.8%
The decrease has been determined by the decrease of the container, in particular by the ones in transit
TIL orders ZPMC nine cranes of quay for the TPO/TNMSC terminal of the port of Le Havre
Le Havre
They will be able to serve ships from 24,000 teu
GNV expands its support to the project for the protection of turtles and cetaceans in the Mediterranean
The researchers, as well as on the Naples-Palermo route, are being housed on board the ships deployed on the Barcelona-Tangier and Valencia-Palma routes.
Positive the first quarter of MPC Container Ships
The Norwegian company is concerned that supply growth in the segment of large container carriers could also have an impact on the fleets operated on intra-regional routes
UniCredit funds the first two investments in the ZES area of the Nola Interport
From the bank, a total of 17 million in favour of Spa Themes and the Farvima Medicaid group.
PSA-Kazakhstan Railways Agreement for the development of the Transcaspic Corridor
Singapore / Astana
It was signed today on the occasion of the Kazakhstan-Singapore Business Forum
In April, traffic in the port of Valencia fell by -14.2% percent.
In the first quarter of 2023, the decline was -9.6% percent.
Intercargo accounts for 32% of the capacity of the world's bulk fleet of bulk carriers
The association has more than 3,200 bulk carriers in charge
Order from 313 million to Hyundai Mipo Dockyard for five new container ships
They will be delivered within the first semester 2026
The Grenowned group will launch a new warehouse in the backyard of Cagliari tomorrow.
It will double the company's cargo storage capacity in the Sardinian stir
Fincantieri will build the fourth "Constellation" class frigate for the US Navy
The saleswoman has a value of about 526 million
In Trieste is part of the mobilization. Reject the two reindustrialization hypotheses presented by Wärtsilä
Rome / Trieste
Associates together with the DAD of the University of Genoa for the improvement of the port-city relationship
Rome / Livorno
Rexi : training and rejuvenation of the opera hand to increase safety in ports
The TAR has rejected the SPGT's appeal for the realization of a deposit for petroleum products in the port of Gioia Tauro
Reggio Calabria / Gioia Tauro
For air shipments, the security factor is thought to be more important than the cost
5th Conference of the Air Cargo Observatory
Sea federation needed to speed up the process to achieve gender equality in the maritime sector
Mattioli : The advantages of recognised diversity in the world of work are now evident
In the port of Spezia, an electric boat for the withdrawal of waste has entered service
In the port of Spezia, an electric boat for the withdrawal of waste has entered service
The Spezia
It is part of the naval means employed by Sepor
Hannibal has activated a new intermodal service between Milan and Trieste
It has an initial frequency of three weekly circulations
Transporting, complaint in EU for breach of a regulatory right to the detriment of Italian self-transport enterprises
In Italy, no verification of the proportion between the means, drivers and volumes of transport
Sogesid will participate in the design and implementation of the electrification of the docks at Termoli Port
The AdSP will pay to the company of the Ministries of the Environment and Infrastructure an amount of around 250mila euros
Will naval appraisals be entrusted to software engineers?  A future that Teare (AAA) does not wish
Will naval appraisals be entrusted to software engineers? A future that Teare (AAA) does not wish
Former president of the Association of Average Adjusters speculates what could happen with the advent of autonomous navigation
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
On May 25 in Genoa, a conference will be held on the programming, operation and management of transport networks
It is organized by the International Institute of Communications and CIFI
On May 26 in Genoa, the first Mare Global Forum will take place
It is organized by the Strategic Advisory Centre "Giuseppe Bono"
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Exclusive: Malaysian tycoon weighs selling a stake in $2.7 bln port business -sources
Malaysia's Ekuiti Nasional Explores Sale of Shipping Unit Orkim, Sources Say
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FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Daniele Rossi
Napoli, 30 settembre 2020
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