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05 June 2023 - Year XXVII
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This year Fincantieri's workload will create hundreds of new jobs in Friuli Venezia Giulia
680 employment opportunities are planned. Recruiting Day on April 18th
March 14, 2023
As a result of the growth of the group's workload navalmeccanico Fincantieri is expected to be hired during the course of this year of 680 workers in Friuli Venezia Giulia, of which over 500 people both directly from the company and in the related companies. In view of this increase in staff Fincantieri, in collaboration with the Employment Services of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Municipality of Monfalcone, will organize a Recruiting Day scheduled for the next 18 April at the Municipality of Monfalcone. In addition to Fincantieri, the companies of the Marine Interiors group will participate and Naval Services Center, and about 30 related companies that are currently looking for specialized personnel for the offices of Monfalcone, Ronchi dei Legionari, San Giorgio di Nogaro and Trieste.

Open positions are visible on the website of the Region (https://eventi.regione.fvg.it/Eventi/dettaglioEvento.asp?evento=20881) and it will be possible to apply until April 10th. Profiles received will be pre-selected by the recruiters of the Center for the Employment of the Region and those deemed online will be convened for face-to-face interviews on Recruiting Day. For only open positions for the Trieste offices, the interviews take place will take place remotely in the days following the 18th April.

As far as professional figures are concerned, Fincantieri is looking for production and design technicians; production supervisors, skilled workers (carpenters, welders, electricians, pipe workers, assemblers) for the Monfalcone headquarters and structural and structural designers plants, buyers, planners and controllers, supply chain analysts and IT analyst for the one in Trieste. Marine Interiors searches for the locations of Ronchi dei Legionari and Pordenone furniture designers and technicians quality and budgeting, while Naval Services Center for the headquarters of San Giorgio di Nogaro is looking for development staff production processes and skilled workers (plasma cutting, maintenance). The other companies participating in the Recruiting Day (BH Project; C.M.P.; Comin; Conit; Blue Line Group Consortium; Cowork Consortium; Delat; Esse Group; ETI; Famila; Gdue Ships; GMR Group S; I.D.A.L. Group; M.R.S. New Technology; Marine Work System; MES; Monferr; Naval Sud; Officile Cercato; Oma Nord & Engineering Construction; Wave; Petrol Works; Pigozzi Tech; S.B.T. Assembly; S.G.M.; SCS Group; SEM Group; Sories Group; TEN03) operate in the shipbuilding sector and are looking for workers (tubists; Carpenters; Welders; Electricians; CQC drivers; scaffolding; sandblasters-sprayers; plant fitters; channelers; Employees cleaning), employees (technicians for surveys on board the ship and for management Components; Designers; experienced administrative managers).

"The profiles we are looking for for recruitment purposes - has explained Luciano Sale, Director of Human Resources and Real Estate at Fincantieri - embrace a very wide spectrum of skills necessary to oversee and support the different phases of the Ship order. We are looking in particular for skilled workers, design and production technicians, figures operating in the order management, procurement and IT and They also include junior or internship profiles for which it is not Experience required. The numerous insertions, both directly in the group that in the companies of the supply chain, are necessary to cope with to our workload which, also thanks to the great increase recorded in the last twelve months, amounts today to a value total of over 34 billion euros for 109 ships, including one important share for the Monfalcone shipyard».

"The experience of the Recruiting Day, which began in 2019 - has highlighted Anna Maria Cisint, mayor of Monfalcone - performs a real leap in quality, first of all for the part of hiring directly under Fincantieri, then for the entity the posts identified and the qualifications concerned, which give a very significant response to the need to promote employment of the local workforce and are part of the perspective of strengthening a production model based on the qualification of workers, factor that has always historically been a strong point of the relationship between the territory and the shipyard. It is a of the objectives of the Pact for Jobs, strongly desired by the municipal administration and signed with all parties Entrepreneurs and trade unions last May. Sharing this path between local and regional institutions and Fincantieri represents the instrument for the protection of employment, dignity of work and the development of training, in a context in which Our shipyards confirm a leadership position which is strengthened by the commitment of the new management and which has in Monfalcone the leading plant for construction of large cruise ships'.

Referring to the Recruiting Day, the regional councilor for Labor, training, education, research, university and family, Alessia Rosolen - noted that "it is becoming clear to All the importance of these paths, and also large companies They understood. There are no more spaces to work alone, but - it has emphasized - an efficient system of which the centers for employment are an integral and reference part, at the service of the territory. It is a virtuous synergy, built around shared, structured, tailor-made policies, which is was able to design training activities specialists based on the needs of the shipbuilding and to facilitate the crossing between demand and job offer with recruitment days such as today's. The difficulty in recent years has been that of making people understand the potential of public service and of the active labour market policy interventions put in place by the regional administration'.
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FEPORT discussed the effects on ports and terminalists of EU climate rules
Saintes Maries de la Mer
Highlights the need for European governments to transpose the minimum corporate tax directive to avoid distortions caused by tonnage tax
In 2022, combined European transport marked a slight decline.
Historical record of national volumes, while international traffic has decreased by -0.5%
An engine failure of an oil tanker in the Suez Canal has not stopped traffic in the waterway.
The "Seavigour" transports crude from Russia to China
Renewed the national contract of the mowers and barcaioli
Average economic increase of 175 euros
Renewal of the concession to PSA Venice
It will have a duration of 25 years. A planned investment of 78.6 million euros and a traffic growth of up to 500mila teu. Concession to Veneta Cementi
For its own decarbonisation, shipping does not have to rely too much on e-fuel
For its own decarbonisation, shipping does not have to rely too much on e-fuel
The Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping warns to take into account the future availability and prices of electro-fuels
EU Commission presents five legislative proposals on maritime safety and prevention of marine pollution caused by ships
The aim is also to align European standards with international regulations
A quarter of Russian companies are in danger of disrupting production for the difficulty of receiving goods from abroad
The first vice president of the Center for Strategic Research in Moscow
Truckers denounce the blocking of actions to improve the operation of trucks in the port of Spezia
The Spezia
Perhaps-they accuse the trade associations-it is the will to maintain the status quo
L'ultima lettura del Goods Trade Barometer della WTO segnala una ripresa che però potrebbe essere assai accidentata
The latest reading of the WTO's Goods Trade Barometer signals a recovery, but one that could be very bumpy
Positive signals come from export sales orders
L'ultimo rapporto di AGCS evidenzia la notevole diminuzione della perdita totale di navi
The latest GATS report shows the significant decrease in the total loss of vessels
Johannesburg/London/Madrid/Munich/New York/Paris/Rotterdam/Singapore
In 2022 the number dropped by -36%. Sinking, fire/explosion and collision are the most frequent causes of accidents
Port of Livorno, interdicted four entrepreneurs and three companies
Seized more than 8mila euros to a port authority official
Le Aziende informano
La Ant. Bellettieri & Co., presente da più di 140 anni nel Porto di Civitavecchia, opera nella logistica portuale e nell'intermodalità mare, ferro, gomma
L'elvetica Accelleron ha acquisito Officine Meccaniche Torino
Switzerland's Accelleron has acquired Officine Meccaniche Torino
The Rivoli-based company is a leading manufacturer of injection systems for marine engines
Grimaldi orders two more new Pure Car & Truck Carrier Ships from 9,000 ceu
Naples / Rome
Affirmed the reliance on Grimaldi Euromed of maritime territorial continuity on the Civitavecchia-Arbatax-Cagliari route
GEODIS has bought Swiss Transport & Shipping helvetica
In 2022, it recorded a turnover of 58 million Swiss francs
Conference in Genoa on the State of Implementation of the National Logistics Platform
Organized by Federlogistics and Conftransporto-Confcommerce, it will be held next Monday
Livorno, air quality monitoring campaign in neighboring city areas to port
The discovery campaign will last 240 days
Fincantieri agreement in Canada to propose "Vigilance" patrolman for the Royal Canadian Navy
Two initiatives to commemorate Giuseppe Bono
On June 30 in Genoa, the second edition of the Youngster Shipping Summer Party will take place
The event is promoted by Assagents
Fincantieri will build the third NFS submarine of the Italian Navy's Navy
The first two batons will be delivered in 2027 and 2029
ABB plans a whale tail for the propulsion of small and medium-sized ships
ABB plans a whale tail for the propulsion of small and medium-sized ships
The first prototype will be available in 2025
Final free route to the link between the port of Ancona and the State Road 16
Aquaroli : It is a fundamental work for the development of the port, Ancona and the Marche
Visual Sailing List
Departure ports
Arrival ports by:
- alphabetical order
- country
- geographical areas
CMA CGM has completed the acquisition of La Méridionale
Next order for two new LNG ships announced
Venice Boat Show inaugurated
Over 220 exhibitors. 300 boats presented, 240 of which in the water
MSC Crociere ha preso in consegna la nuova MSC Euribia
MSC Cruises took in delivery the new MSC Euribia
In the ship yard of Chantiers de l'Atlantique also took place the coin ceremony of "MSC World America"
Agreement between the AdSP of the Central Adriatic and the regional agency of the Marches for environmental protection
Yang Ming orders to HHI the construction of five portacontainer from 15.500 teu
Commitment worth $927.9 million
Port of Genoa, procedural errors in paperwork reduced by 70%
this is the result of what was experienced during a course organised by the Harbour Master's Office and Assagenti
Confitarma expresses satisfaction at EU approval for road-sea intermodality support, but denounces lack of resources
Mattioli: We hope that the new government will open a concrete discussion with the armament industry on this issue in view of the next Budget Law
KHI and DNV will define a method to calculate the CO2 emissions of the liquefied hydrogen supply chain
Specific memorandum of understanding signed
The Spanish FENADISMER will start a new class action against oil companies
They are accused of taking advantage of the effects of the conflict in Udrain to apply a surcharge to fuels
Eni Agreement - RINA for the energy transition and decarbonization of naval transport
Among the purposes, the development...
Chinese investment in the Suez Canal Economic Zone
Production activities will be installed
In the first trimester of this year the traffic of the goods in the Croatian ports has grown of +14,9%
The increase is determined by the rise of the bulk volumes
Event in Genoa for the relaunch of the economy of the sea
The sector - it has been emphasized - in recent decades has been dramatically underestimated in its potential
Assiterminal, Assologistica and Fise-Uniport Convention for Safety at Work
It is by definition with the support of RINA
CMA CGM compra il quotidiano economico francese “La Tribune”
CMA CGM buys the French economic daily "La Tribune"
The company is already active in publishing with the newspapers "La Provence" and "Corse Matin"
Next month Metrans will activate an intermodal link Rijeka-Budapest
The terminal of the Hungarian capital will be connected to the Serb terminal of Indija
Ok to a contribution of 2.2 million to the genoese harbour company CULMV
Resolution approved by the Management Committee
ITA Airways, confirmed the agreement with Lufthansa
Uilt, important now to realize the objectives of development and growth of the industrial plan
German Schües is the new president of the BIMCO
Subentra to Sabrina Chao who concluded his biennial term
PSA has acquired a minority share in the Vietnamese logistics company Sotrans
It was ceded by Indo Trans Logistics Corporation
Inaugurated the second phase of the Vietnamese container terminal of Nam Dinh Vu (Haipong)
You have Phong
It has an annual capacity pairs to 1,2 million teu
In April the traffic of the goods in the port of Barcelona is dropped of -7.8%
The decrease has been determined by the decrease of the container, in particular by the ones in transit
TIL orders ZPMC nine cranes of quay for the TPO/TNMSC terminal of the port of Le Havre
Le Havre
They will be able to serve ships from 24,000 teu
GNV expands its support to the project for the protection of turtles and cetaceans in the Mediterranean
The researchers, as well as on the Naples-Palermo route, are being housed on board the ships deployed on the Barcelona-Tangier and Valencia-Palma routes.
Positive the first quarter of MPC Container Ships
The Norwegian company is concerned that supply growth in the segment of large container carriers could also have an impact on the fleets operated on intra-regional routes
UniCredit funds the first two investments in the ZES area of the Nola Interport
From the bank, a total of 17 million in favour of Spa Themes and the Farvima Medicaid group.
PSA-Kazakhstan Railways Agreement for the development of the Transcaspic Corridor
Singapore / Astana
It was signed today on the occasion of the Kazakhstan-Singapore Business Forum
In April, traffic in the port of Valencia fell by -14.2% percent.
In the first quarter of 2023, the decline was -9.6% percent.
Intercargo accounts for 32% of the capacity of the world's bulk fleet of bulk carriers
The association has more than 3,200 bulk carriers in charge
Italian Ports:
Ancona Genoa Ravenna
Augusta Gioia Tauro Salerno
Bari La Spezia Savona
Brindisi Leghorn Taranto
Cagliari Naples Trapani
Carrara Palermo Trieste
Civitavecchia Piombino Venice
Italian Interports: list World Ports: map
ShipownersShipbuilding and Shiprepairing Yards
ForwardersShip Suppliers
Shipping AgentsTruckers
On May 25 in Genoa, a conference will be held on the programming, operation and management of transport networks
It is organized by the International Institute of Communications and CIFI
On May 26 in Genoa, the first Mare Global Forum will take place
It is organized by the Strategic Advisory Centre "Giuseppe Bono"
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Budget proposes to cut tax on containers used in shipping
(The Daily Observer)
Exclusive: Malaysian tycoon weighs selling a stake in $2.7 bln port business -sources
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FORUM of Shipping
and Logistics
Relazione del presidente Daniele Rossi
Napoli, 30 settembre 2020
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