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25 June 2021 The on-line newspaper devoted to the world of transports 12:32 GMT+2

June 11, 2021

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ALIS, the transport strike in ports and logistics platforms of Liguria

Di Caterina: it is inappropriate and a real attack on the restart

The Logistics Association of Sustainable Intermodality (ALIS) expressed disapproval of the absence from work of road transport activities serving the sector liguria proclaimed for the period between 15 and 19 next June. "We have learned - explained the Deputy president of the association, Marcello Di Caterina - of the strike transport in the ports and logistics platforms of the Liguria, promoted by some associative acronyms that evidently do not intend to do the interests of the sector and the country in a phase of socio-economic so delicate. Like ALIS - said Di Catherine -- we dissociate ourselves completely from this block, which we believe to be inappropriate and a real attack on the restart, at a very historic moment when the fabric business and the entire national production system have absolutely need to work and resume their activities.

The Vice President of ALIS made it clear that the disapproval association is not for the reasons for the dispute: "we are well aware - he specified - of the severe inconveniences and slowdowns caused by the continuous motorway construction sites in Liguria to the entire transport sector, and to road transport in particular, and ALIS considers that they must be absolutely resolved in certain times and at the same time ensuring concrete measures to compensate for the damage suffered by road haulage companies. However, we cannot underestimate - pointed out Di Caterina - the enormous damage that the paralysis of such important airports, such as those ligurians, would cause so much to freight transport, with the further consequences resulting from the lack of supply of goods and basic necessities (including food and pharmaceutical companies), with regard to passenger transport, also taking into account the flow of users to and from the islands. The damage - he noted - would therefore be huge and dangerous for the entire economy national level, for transport companies that have never stopped throughout the emergency as well as for a strategic sector, such as tourism, which has long been waiting for signs of recovery and who can't afford now to break connections and related services.'

The Vice President of ALIS expressed the conviction that "the real problems of the sector and of the whole country cannot be solved with threats and blockades, but should instead be addressed with a serious confrontation and institutional dialogue, especially in this phase in which the government itself is engaged in the design and destination, including in terms of support transport and modernization and efficiency companies infrastructure, PNRR resources. So let's do appeal - concluded Di Caterina - to the sense of responsibility drivers, as well as the government, the regional and local authorities and law enforcement to do everything possible to prevent such an evil strike and i damage to the sector.'

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