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May 13, 2022

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With an unprecedented agreement the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea opens the doors to DP World

With the Dubai group, the Genoese body will collaborate the development of the transport, logistics and industrial supply chain of its port system

The Port System Authority of the Ligurian Sea Occidentale, the body that manages the ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado Ligure, has signed a unique memorandum of understanding with DP World, the Dubai group that operates a network of port terminals, of logistic activities and maritime services scattered in many regions of the globe. Unusual, the agreement, because the group Middle Eastern, which is not present in Italy, for the institution Italian port could become a potential counterpart in any negotiations in the case of the Emirati company, which is indirectly controlled by the Government of Dubai, decided to expand its network to Italy, or maybe to the ports managed by the AdSP. Singular because the agreement provides - has announced the port authority - "the collaboration for the development of the transport, logistics and industrial supply chain of the port system'.

With the agreement, the Port System Authority opens the leads to an unprecedented collaboration with a logistics operator, given that - clarified the Ligurian body - the MoU "provides for the carrying out activities to support the development of the network ports and back-port terminals, logistics areas and industrial, service centres and solutions for road transport, warehouse management, sharing best practices and the possible establishment of a multimodal international corridor logistic, also through the comparative analysis of Port Community System'. A collaboration, normally granted by a port authority to research bodies or institutes, or consultancy or to companies selected through a tender to work to a specific project, which seems to give to the Dubai group possibility and exclusivity that evidently others Ligurian, domestic and foreign operators would be very pleased to be able to get at no cost.

"DP World - said the president of the port authority, Paolo Emilio Signorini, explaining the reasons for the agreement - it is specialized in integration with inland terminals. Third Worldwide operator is one of the largest service providers of global supply chain and logistics, with a presence in 69 countries and is an important facilitator of trade flow international. As europe's sixth gateway port, we have great interest in improving connectivity between our airports ports and inland terminals. Have a great partner international experience as DP World - said Signorini - represents an important opportunity to complete the logistics chain and give further development to our trades».

There is also no shortage of comments on the agreement of the President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, and the mayor, Marco Bucci, without the what could be said - and whether to say so at the beginning of his mandate it could have seemed a slander, it is not today after the countless proofs that this corresponds to the truth - that Signorini cannot or does not want to move a step, making himself pickaxe of the historic autonomy of Palazzo San Giorgio respect to the other local centers of power.

"This memorandum - commented the president of the Region - is one of the most important fruits of the institutional mission in Dubai when with President Signorini we visited the top management of DP World, the main terminal operator of the Emirates area with 22 million containers handled every year and an extraordinary logistics chain. In that context - explained Giovanni Toti - the opportunities had been deepened of future collaborations, which today are concretized in a document strategic for the growth and development of this airport".

Toti seems to implicitly say that the ports of Genoa and Savona are not able to attract these skills but must go looking for them, and not too close. This, on the other hand, is the fate of almost all Italian missions, commercial and marketing, abroad, which in this is differentiate markedly from similar initiatives of much more Countries used to deal with the world. Instead of soliciting the interest of potential investors by illustrating the possibilities proposed, we are forced to attract them by clutching with them agreements with which we are in the meantime to offer something to them. In the specific case information, data and contacts that, as we said, they would be tempting to other operators perhaps competitors of DP World.

But the regional councillor for Economic Development and Portualità, Andrea Benveduti, is not of this opinion, given that according to him "this document represents a first active step of the many close contacts during our visit to Dubai and a concrete sign of a general community interest international shipping and logistics towards the Ligurian territory and its present potential and future'.

If to have this "concrete signal of a general interest» the Ligurian AdSP had to sign a memorandum of understanding with which it offers something, and not insignificant, the mayor of Genoa, more prosaically, hopes - or at least so it seems from his statement - that this leads something: "Genoa - said Marco Bucci - is the port from which goods transit to Europe through the corridor Rhine-Alps the most important in Western Europe. And Genoa is a city always looking for investments because with the port has as its objective to continue to be the gateway from the south to the markets of Europe'.

The commitment signed by the AdSP with DP World is welcomed even enthusiastically by the president of the Airport of Genoa, Paolo Odone, who gave "congratulations to the Authority of Sistema Portuale, which with this signature establishes a relationship of strategic collaboration with one of the main protagonists global maritime transport, a harbinger of positive spill-over effects for the city and for all economic operators in the sector".

Welcomed in Genoa by the President of the Region and Councillor for the followed by the mayor, the president of the port authority and by the president of the airport, the representative of DP World, Simon Pitout, trade and transformation director for group supply chain & logistics of the Dubai company, has magnanimously granted that the emiratense group can do something for Genoa and Liguria and maybe even beyond: "there is - he noted - a huge potential to be developed and integrated into logistics infrastructures and commercial of Genoa so as to favor enormous advantages Cheap. Through this memorandum of understanding - explained Pitout - we aim to share our expertise in creating smarter, more efficient solutions, sustainable and innovative in end-to-end logistics to explore ways we could potentially support Genoa to maximize its strategic position and increase trade flows to national level and in the surrounding area'.

If it is all to see the contribution that - as duly specified - DP World "potentially" will be able to offer to the Ligurian capital and its economy, we do not nourish no doubt that Pitout is happy to be able to take home a agreement to obtain which he did not even have to struggle and that will guarantee his company - as it seems - information and opportunities, without tangible counterparts, to others not Granted.

Bruno Bellio

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