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May 30, 2022

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The FVG Region sets out directives for the commissioner for the deepening of the grounds of the port of Monfalcone

It will also deal with the dredgings of the seabeds of the port areas of San Giorgio di Nogaro and Marano

The Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia has set the directives for the newly appointed commissioner of the Special Office set up to ensure a more successful completion of the realization of the deepening of the grounds of the Monfalcone port and the dredgers of the basics of the port areas of San Giorgio di Nogaro and Marano. In addition, with a deliberation, on the proposal of the Environmental Defense Minister, the Region has approved a convention with which the relations with the Consortium of Economic Development of the Venice Giulia (Coseveg) and the Consortium of remediation are settled. plain friulan plain (Cbpf) and has established the share of the fee for the commissioner, set in 77,642 euros per annum.

The regional body specified that the directives serve to carry out the interventions that derive from the agreement with the Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea that define the implementation modalities of the port of Monfalcone in the Port System of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and the subwithin in the management of the activities of the port of Monfalcone. According to the agreement signed in 2019, the Region continues directly with the infrastructure interventions already initiated and in the course of execution until completion, in particular, the deepening of the access channel at the port of Monfalcone ; interventions on the tracks for the complete agability of the railway ring at the port ; the interventions in support of the railway manoeuvring service with the eventual reconditioning of a locomotive used for maneuver service ; maintenance extraordinary of the railway plant in service of the industrial and port area ; the reactivation of the Schiavetti-Brancolo railway track.

The activity of the extraordinary commissioner will have to activate the technical and administrative process in a speedy time and use the most celestial procurement procedures in constant comparison with the Central Directions of the Region. Through the Convention with the Coseveg and the Cbpf they are established which organizational structures are made available, the scale of resources and the transfer of the same for the operation of the Special Office. A subsequent measure will be defined as the personal endowment of the Special Office, on a reasoned proposal by the Extraordinary Commissioner for both aspects of recruitment with forms of work administered and in respect of aspects of employment of regional staff.

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