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September 14, 2022

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In July the traffic of goods in the port of Ravenna is decreased by -7.8%

In the first seven months of 2022 recorded an increase of +5.4%

Last July the port of Ravenna handled 2.47 million of tons of goods, volume that represents a decrease of -7.8% on the July 2021, an increase of +13.4% on July 2021 when the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on port activities was more accentuated and an increase of +16.3% on July 2019 when the Health crisis had not yet begun.

The decrease recorded in July 2022 was caused from the decline in traffic in some product sectors, to starting from that of foodstuffs that in relation to the only liquid cargoes, with 102 thousand tons, marked contractions -26.2% on July 2021, -10.6% on July 2020 and -7.4% on July 2019, while in relation to solid loads alone they have shown decreases of -31.3% on July 2021 and -34.3% on July 2020 and an increase of +23.2% on July 2019. Decreasing also minerals and building materials with 449 thousand tons enlivened in July 2022 (-20.8% on July 2021, +28.2% on July 2020 and -0.6% on July 2019), metallurgical products with 661 thousand tonnes (-16.1%, +51.1% and +73.1% respectively) and fertilisers with 89 thousand tons (-15.5%, +2.6% and +5.7%). Relative to the flexion of building materials, the System Authority Port of the Northern Central Adriatic Sea specified that the reduction is attributable to the performance of raw materials ceramics that totaled 408 thousand tons, down by -22.5% on July 2021 and -1.1% on July 2019.

With regard to the agri-food sector, composed of both the foodstuffs which from agricultural products, the latter equal to 85 thousand tons in July 2022 (+34.4% on July 2021, -51.5% on July 2020 and -58.8% on July 2019), the AdSP recalled that the traffic between Ukraine and Italy, stopped for five months due to of the war on Ukrainian territory, resumed last 13 August with the arrival of the ship Rajen that landed 15 thousand tons of corn from the port of Chernomorks, in the Greater Odessa region, and with the arrival on August 16 of a second ship, the Sacura from Yuzhne with a cargo of 11 thousand tons of soybeans destined for animal husbandry.

Among other liquid cargoes, in July 2022 the port of Ravenna has enlivened 261 thousand tons of petroleum products (+9.7% on July 2021, +22.4% on July 2020 and +2.9% on July 2019) and 101 thousand tons of chemical products (respectively +56.0%, +89.8% and +94.9%). Among other dry goods, in addition, the airport port has handled 238 thousand tons of cargoes containerized (+34.9%, +34.2% and +12.9%), 163 thousand tons of rolling stock (+23.9%, +9.8% and +1.9%), 44 thousand tons of fuels and solid minerals (+62.3% and +27.1%; traffic absent in July 2019), 12 thousand tons of chemical products (+194.1%, +138.8% and +46.3%) and 8 thousand tons of metallurgical minerals and waste (+15.5%; traffic absent in July 2021; +369,8%).

In the first seven months of this year the port has enlivened a total of 16.34 million tonnes of goods, with a increase of +5.4% on the corresponding period of 2021, of which 6.6 million tons of solid bulk (-0.3%), 4.3 million tons of conventional goods (+7.6%), 1.5 million tons of containerized goods (+13.4%), 1.0 million tons of rolling stock (+22.9%), 1.5 million tons of petroleum products (-3.1%) and 1.3 million tonnes of other liquid bulk (+19,8%).

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