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May 10, 2022

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The port of Rotterdam expects to be able to import 4.6 million of tonnes of hydrogen per year in Europe

Prerequisites are the certification of green hydrogen and the reducing the cost gap with respect to energy sources pollutants

The Port Authority of Rotterdam has announced that by 2030 through the Dutch port can be imported into Northwest Europe 4.6 million tons of hydrogen per year, a volume significantly higher than expected that will allow a reduction of 46 million tons of CO2 emissions and will increase independence Europe's energy. The institution explained that the forecast of such import volume is based on the definition of projects specific and realistic plans that companies are working on of the port of Rotterdam in collaboration with exporting nations of hydrogen.

There are seventy companies and exporting countries that cooperate so that this flow of traffic can become reality. These companies are working on projects that plan, among other things, to import through the port of Rotterdam efficiently and on a large scale hydrogen produced for example in Latin America or Australia, hydrogen that can be treated in Rotterdam and then transported to Europe northwest. According to these partners, why the initiative is successful, but two prerequisites are decisive. The first is certification of green hydrogen imported from outside of Europe, which will have to be certified as green hydrogen in Europe. The second precondition is to close the gap in economic terms between the use of renewable and low hydrogen emissions of carbon and its derivatives compared to current alternative energy sources that emit CO2. This - has remembered the Dutch port authority - because until the energy produced by fossil fuels will be more economical energy produced in a sustainable way, the latter will not get the necessary impulse to reach the European climate targets.

The Managing Director of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Allard Castelein, highlighted that "the use of hydrogen sustainable contributes substantially to European objectives of reducing climate change and increasing Europe's energy independence. With the production and the import of renewable and low-emission hydrogen carbon - he underlined - we build a sustainable future".

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