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May 31, 2022

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EU bans imports of Russian oil, but not its transport on EU flagships

Temporary exemption for imports of crude oil through pipelines

This night the European Council approved the sixth package of sanctions against Russia that also includes an embargo on imports into the European Union states of crude oil and oil products from Russia. A temporary exemption to such a ban has been decided for crude oil imports through pipelines, flows that mainly affect the eastern nations of the EU.

President of the European Council, Belgium's Charles Michel, said the sanctions would have an immediate impact on 75% percent of Russia's oil imports and that by the end of this year the ban would affect 90% percent of those imports. imports.

The sixth package does not impose a ban on European shipowners from transporting Russian oil to third countries, imposed feared by the association's International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) association as it would have had a heightened impact negative on the activity of maritime carriers ( of the May 27 2022). This failure will presumably be strongly criticised by the Ukrainian government, which in recent days had highlighted the importance of prohibiting the transport of Russian oil on ships flying the flag of the EU, as-according to Kiev-the Russia would be able to circumvent these sanctions, while the blockade of these transport on EU vessels would have an immediate impact on Russia's ability to export its crude.

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