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July 19, 2022

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Maersk warns customers that the surpluses for the EU ETS will be substantial

They would be applied from the first quarter of next year

Danish container shipping company Maersk Line has again taken stock of what, in economic terms, may be the impact of transport inclusion maritime in the Emissions Trading System (ETS) of the European Union, as proposed a year ago by the European Commission ( of 14 July 2021). On 22 June, the proposal was approved with amendments by the European Parliament, with the Council of the EU adopting its own version on 29 June of the ETS legislation ( of 22 and 29 June 2022). These resolutions will be followed by trilogue negotiations between the three institutions of the European Union in order to achieve a agreement presumably by the end of this year.

Illustrating what this will mean for their own customers, Maersk Line has confirmed, as in the past, that the cost of complying with the ETS "is likely to be significant, with an impact on the cost of maritime transport".' The company specified that, "in order to guarantee the transparency, we plan to apply these costs with specific from the first quarter of 2023.'

Maersk Line provides that, with regard to maritime shipments from Northern Europe to the Far East, this surcharge will amount to to 99 euros for each 40' container (feu) for dry loads and to 149 euros for each container feu fridge. For shipments from Far East to Northern Europe the surplus will be equal to 170 euros for feu container for dry loads and 255 euros per feu container Reefer.

The company has anticipated the values of other surcharges that may be introduced for shipments between other markets. The very expensive for transport from the east coast of the South America to Europe would stand at 213 euros / dry container feu and 319 euros/reefer container feu. Also relevant is the surcharge for shipments from the Middle East to Northern Europe, equal to 106 euros / dry and 150 euros / reefer, as well as that for transport from the North Europe to the USA, equal to 184 euros / dry and 276 euros / reefer.

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