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August 4, 2022

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New York Harbor will impose a tax for excessive empty containers stationed on quays

It will be applied from the first of September

Already introduced in the main container ports for some time of the US West Coast of Los Angeles and Long Beach, now also the port of New York - New Jersey, which is the main port of call East Coast container, decided to impose a tax for the prolonged parking of empty containers on the docks of the port in order to encourage shipping companies to pick up these containers and reuse them in the maritime supply chain thus reducing congestion in the supply chain. The new quarterly tax will come into force the next first September.

The port authority of the New York airport has established that, on quarterly basis, the volumes of full and empty containers departing from the port on the ships of the shipping companies must be equal to or greater than 110% of the volume of full containers, and incoming voids. If this does not happen it will come a fee of $100 applied for each container.

"As we continue to handle record volumes of cargo and collaborate with our dealers and other operators ports for the timely removal of empty containers - has explained the president of the port authority, Kevin O'Toole - we invite all stakeholders in the sector to find solutions sustainable and long-term to a widespread problem throughout the world sector that affects many US ports".

Bethann Rooney, Director of the Port Department of the Port authority, highlighted that "the port of New York - New Jersey is coping with record import volumes, which determine the accumulation of empty containers in and around the port complex and which is now affecting the chain of regional supply that is already under stress for pressures that come from every part of the country. Encourage strongly the shipping companies to intensify their efforts to remove empty containers more quickly and in quantity more consistent in order to free up capacity absolutely necessary for incoming imports and in order to keep trade moving across the port and the region."

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